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  1. DenseCrunt

    How to buy games for PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch

    I always use g2a.com. Also accepts BTC and I always receive redeem codes instantly.
  2. DenseCrunt

    🥇 2018 Primedice Awards

    Funniest: @BoRk Friendliest: @luckypussy Forum Hero: @athena2007 Chat Hero: @BMINUS Most Lovable: @RapedUncle Most Intelligent: @hui Most Influential: @blueprints Best Moderator: @singpays Funniest Support: @BoRk Favourite Support: @luckypussy Favourite Staff: @Stunna
  3. DenseCrunt

    Giveaway: Write me a poem :)

    P for the Prize I will get from this giveaway Roll a dice, win some money I'm just a needle in this stack of hay Man, the weather on PrimeDice? It is always sunny Everyday I'm chatting, it feels just like a cafe Don't misunderstand me, losing is a part of it I busted again... MAYDAY MAYDAY @CaptainLorca, you're a piece of shit Ehhmm, jk... Just a little bit
  4. DenseCrunt

    Hello to then Members of then website Primedices.

    Need help I cannot chat to the chat anymore how comes?
  5. DenseCrunt

    Hello to then Members of then website Primedices.

    Happy welkome kerzzy. I hop you wint a lot of satooshi. veri good site
  6. DenseCrunt

    VIBE and VR

    Hmm interesting. Didn't hear about Heartbeats yet, nice forum post on stake. I also invested some in VIBE. Seems promising, big partners like Microsoft, Unity, Samsung,... Waiting for it to go to the moon. I still think it won't be possible to fully simulate the real experience. For example the bass feeling
  7. DenseCrunt

    VIBE and VR

    I' ve read about VIBE coin, (https://vibehub.io/). And how it's related to VR. VibeHub would offer things like virtual concerts of your favourite artists: "Since the advent of the Internet, music has spread globally. Conversely, in an era of globalization these fans are spread out all over the world. This creates a barrier, in which many fans will never get the chance to experience their favorite artist in person. Have a favorite musician but can’t afford to go see them in concert 500 miles away? Put on your VR headset, start the VIBEHub app, pay some VIBE tokens and you can view them in your own immersive VR experience. Want to go back stage for a meet-and-greet? Pay a bit more VIBE and you can do that too. Your favorite artist can see and interact with you personally as if you both occupy the same space. Musicians can also post their songs and receive tips in VIBE, which creates a form of Virtual busking." Do you think there's a future for things like a virtual concert? I think it would still feel a lot different from the IRL experience. What's your opinion?
  8. DenseCrunt

    BEWARE! Primedice App

    Of course it's allowed. For example Binance distributes an iOS app that's not in the store. You may distribute any app that you want. Dev/company/anything.
  9. DenseCrunt

    BEWARE! Primedice App

    This doesn't limit PD from providing an application. They can just make an .apk available on the PD website itself. I'm convinced that this would be a good thing...
  10. DenseCrunt

    Kutse Tantsule!

    Hahaha, Kutse Tansule! Repeat forever!
  11. DenseCrunt

    Last letter game

  12. DenseCrunt

    Earn a quick 50k satoshi's!

    Done: Username site: DenseCrab PD: DenseCrab
  13. DenseCrunt

    Unix's tip for the day!

    Don't even try lol. I don't think that's gonna happen
  14. DenseCrunt

    Last letter game

  15. DenseCrunt

    Bands from your country

    Antwerp rap group