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  1. im noobie here ...goodevening ...i need a friend to tell me some things and he can speak and write in english add me if u like ....becose i cant (noob status) and again thanks anyway i liked your post but to claim from rain u must chat at least.... to be energetic in chatroom that all i know from BCGame ot ather that type of game platforms ......play with crypto games the rain drops is random chatroom users at least there ....i dont know here what happens ....add me and i give u more info if u want .. My friend i dont know if Athena is from Greece but this is a Greek name like mine from the 12 gods ATHENA was Daughter of Zeus. Goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. Inspires and protects troops., Athena was a durable warrior who protects and empowers her alies and friends ...i am a believer ofcorse xaxaxa !! Olso im new here thow me a bone tips and how things work here....theanks