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  1. Thats because they dont have any proof already I report to guidance counselor the day after since I immediately left the room after passing my testpapers so its just my instructor's word against mine and my classmate's haha
  2. quite drunk haha we drunk the evening before the incident and finished around 4am and I just nake a nap and fix myself and go to school ahaha
  3. Im doing that and its kinda funny haha
  4. She reported me on our department coordinator and send me to guidance counsel not because I pass the test paper with no answer but because Im also under influence of alcohol and thats just 7 oclock in the morning lol...I really want her to get mad on me unfortunately I forgot the guidance counsel lol..anyways I didnt get suspended I say I deny being drunk and my classmates supported me haha
  5. Im trying to recall any good place Ive been all my life but I cant recall any vacation on a nice place but only lots of bars here in philippines lol..
  6. I and my friends did that too when we are on highschool. I made lots of crazy things during my teenage I enumerate some. *catcall a stranger and say "I luv u" then pretend talking to other *bring a bottle of beer and cig inside the classroom and drink it there *pass a testpaper with no answers not even reading the question just to show my instructor i dont like her *pretend to be some other girl and try flirt my own boyfie via txt message (to know if hes honest lol) there are lots of crazy things i made but the most unforgettable was when under alcohol influence I and my friends paint our faces with make up to look like we would be attending a halloween party and went to carnival and act normal. Enjoy rides and bet on stalls. Lots of people are looking on us that time some even take pictures lol we dont care.
  7. well martingale is used to recover loss funda you made on previous losing streaks when you win its works well if you have a big bank roll enough to suffice the longest possible losing streaks you may encounter and your base bet must be consider as well.
  8. I already think how luck statistic is computed as it reflects on my account but still dunno how. I think its just like how results in vonvon and other fb app are calculated lol
  9. my biggest bet is only around 400k betting on 9x payout on autobet and reach 30+ reds
  10. Ill trade my etherium for btc if that happen and hold them till pump again.