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    hyper2019 reacted to JohnTravel in LOSSING RECOVER OPINION   
    I just set a limit to play for each day, if I lose, I will accept the loss. Because with that I can recover or it is easier to recover a small loss. Already large losses will take longer, and it is not a good option to lose much.
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    hyper2019 got a reaction from JohnTravel in LOSSING RECOVER OPINION   
    Many of us want to bet the house edge and win even with small profit. So we are trying our best to reduce odds of lossing and somehow increase our chances of winning. I know a lot of you there are talking chances on low PO because of low the low risk provide, But thing twice.
    (1) on low PO you have to bet big for a small profit. What if you loss?
    (2) when you lose, you have to bet bigger to recover. What if you lose again.
    (3) losing consecutive time on low PO hurts especially when you don't have enough coin to recover.
    (4) lastly, you will end up losing without a fight?
    You need to accept you are going to lose sometimes you can win every bet so why lose without a fight?
    To those who are hesitant to risk on high PO. Read this.
    (1) why bother using low PO you will bust anyway. JOKE
    (2) you will get high reward on small bets even it means you lose a lot of time before hand.
    This is just my opinion,,🏃
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    hyper2019 reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in Suggest a Hosted Promotion (0.0027 btc) +   
    1. Combine the highest multipier they can.
    Explanation: Let's say you win on 2x 3 times in a row, a combine multipier of this is 8 because 2x2x2=8. Let's say you win 9900x and then play 2x and it's also green, combined multipier for this is 19800. And so the people would need to make the highest multipier combined, all the bets would need to be in one go, green after green of course.
    Minimum payout for each bet: 2x. (To prevent long runs)
    Minimum bet (no idea if it should be minimum bet for this or not) but if yes then:
    You have to put all your winnings into the next bet. (Let's say you put 100 satoshi on 3x, so now you have to put 300 satoshi into next bet. (If no minimum bet then the        amount doesn't matter here).
    No seed changing during this of course.
    Minimum 25 posts on forum.
    1 Entry per user, you can edit (if challenge is not over yet) to change the entry if you hit better one.
    3. Rewards distribution (0.002 btc).
    1. - 0.001btc.
    2. - 0.0005btc.
    3. - 0.0003btc.
    4-7. - 0.00005btc.
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    hyper2019 reacted to singpays in Have you read the rules of Primedice?   
    so u following rules lol 6months only , since many old users following rules  *this is true or not*