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  1. My opinion (1) Always be the team player collaborated. (2) Make yourself indispensable. Be irresponsible. (3) Find that for prmotion somewhere else. (4) Always maintain site rules. (5) Plan a seed and follow up. (6) Active everyday play and chatting rooms. (7) participate all trivia from forums. (8) Try to everyday some winning.
  2. Many of us want to bet the house edge and win even with small profit. So we are trying our best to reduce odds of lossing and somehow increase our chances of winning. I know a lot of you there are talking chances on low PO because of low the low risk provide, But thing twice. (1) on low PO you have to bet big for a small profit. What if you loss? (2) when you lose, you have to bet bigger to recover. What if you lose again. (3) losing consecutive time on low PO hurts especially when you don't have enough coin to recover. (4) lastly, you will end up losing without a fight? You need to accept you are going to lose sometimes you can win every bet so why lose without a fight? To those who are hesitant to risk on high PO. Read this. (1) why bother using low PO you will bust anyway. JOKE (2) you will get high reward on small bets even it means you lose a lot of time before hand. This is just my opinion,,🏃 hyper2019