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  1. 32.23 Bet: 34,614,307,504 placed by 322 on 12/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000102 Multiplier 3.07x Profit 0.00000211 21.12 Bet: 34,621,856,355 placed by 322 on 12/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000102 Multiplier 4.69x Profit 0.00000376
  2. мне чет ничего кроме пд не заходит. Сижу только здесь
  3. конечно стоит, только для начала стоит вообще пересмотреть систему образования.
  4. step 1 --> make txt documents with participants step 2 --> go random.org step 3 --> roll winners profit?
  5. nah, im allways loosing all bank. Too much rage bets... Even if i got good profit i will loose all
  6. same allways happens to me, even if i won some i will always lost whatever i earn in some rage bets
  7. huh, im allmost 5 years visiting pd from time to time, very rarely for last years but i saw a lot of people winning big ammount of bitcoins. the only thing for us is to hope that one day we can won those crazy ammounts
  8. Nope, it doesnt. i'm visit pd very rarely from now. but its a great place to spend some time, and money...
  9. Is it real?)) I withdraw some btc today but im sure i have to deposit them back after il f.k up on some rage bet
  10. using only BTC. Other only if i get it from pd promo