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  1. stop before it's too late. Every time I gamble, if I feel I am losing a lot of money compared to before I gamble, I will stop. Wait a few hours later I will continue to gamble again
  2. Many people answered that they will learn the lesson from failure, but I never believe that I will learn anything from failure. Because gambling is lucky, it has nothing to do with gambling. And of course, no one has learned how to become lucky
  3. As far as I know, no one can earn forever with a casino. For me, gambling is something I can entertain after hard working days. Those who think that they will earn stable money in casinos are lazy people
  4. surely emotion related to luck or bad luck. whenever angry or sad, it is best not to gamble. before, my girlfriend and I broke up. I gambled to forget the sadness but a few hours later I felt even worse before gambling T_T
  5. I ignore countries that prohibit Bitcoin and crypto. In recent years, the government has protested crypto but the price of Bitcoin and altcoin is still rising every day.
  6. I've been successful with this before. After I pulled the money, there was a little balance of Doge in my wallet. I continued to bet and luckily, I earned a lot of Doge after only a few betting sessions
  7. I think yes. Every two hours after playing gambling, I will spend about 15 minutes to exercise. I will feel relaxed in my mind and after that I will continue to gamble
  8. Yes, I will absolutely be loyal to Primedice. Surely I will never find more great websites than Primedice. In addition to being reputable and safe, Primedice has a lot of games for me to change and that is the advantage of Primedice
  9. whenever I lost a lot of money because I lost gambling, I was very confused. I don't know what to do to get back the lost money. maybe i will borrow more money or i will delete my account so i can't gamble anymore
  10. My worst vacation is in China. I forgot to bring my laptop and then the price of BTC is rising. When I returned home, the price of the BTC fell. It was a bad vacation
  11. My withdrawal goal is x2 the initial capital when I bet. If I deposit into 0.01 BTC, my withdrawal target will be 0.02 or more. Everyone should aim to withdraw their money as this will minimize the risk of losing both winnings and capital
  12. I also want to go to Japan. Previously, I used to try the famous Japanese sushi and I recognized that it was delicious. In addition, I have found that Japanese people are very friendly and especially the Japanese government has accepted Bitcoin
  13. I have never bet on primedice. But I have had many times to recover my capital and I have regained it all in one bet. That is the day I will never be able to forget
  14. Dice games do not require skills. I tried many different websites and played dice games. The common point of the dice game is the need for luck. Just judge and add luck, you will win