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    Chookie143 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Biggest Profit in One Bet   
    I got 950 XRP in 5 bets. I remembered when I did that- I felt I am going to fly my pants out of my seat with my eyes both staring madly at the monitor. I felt like it was the longest 2 seconds of my life.
    PS: Would never do it again. Heart attack risk is too big. 😂
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    Chookie143 got a reaction from vladiz in Hunt during the day or at night   
    I believe the question is somewhat not correct. The real questions could be "hunt during sober or drunk", "hunt during losing a lot or winning" or "hunt when stressed or enamored". I would argue that time does not matter to play for as long as you are not jeopardizing your personal life's needs.
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    Chookie143 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Do you make music?   
    That's a nice way to kill time, if not a great career to pursue if you push it eagerly. I don't do music, but I love cross-stitching and knitting. I would love to hear the beats you created though. Any streaming links? Have you uploaded it yet?