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  1. Done Eddie. It is completely honest and detailed. No sugar coats. I hope you can notice it. PrimeDice username: chookie246 TrustPilot name: Angela
  2. That's a nice way to kill time, if not a great career to pursue if you push it eagerly. I don't do music, but I love cross-stitching and knitting. I would love to hear the beats you created though. Any streaming links? Have you uploaded it yet?
  3. I barely join weekly challenges because I find it difficult. More often than not it ends up deficit on me than profiting. After all, I join events not just for the thrill of achieving a goal but also for the reward. Taking this current weekly challenge for example- I tried and already had half progress but with the time left I do not think I can still have it so I yield.
  4. I see no difference at all to be honest, other than the cosmetics and design the games and layout the website has but of course we have different flavors of satisfaction. I could play anywhere all day but I prefer staying at PD because my friends are there on chat.
  5. If you want to hit the "forever" amount of time using a strategy to gain a stanle profit, go Martingale with an astronomically low base bet and just increase it little by little, but of course who would do that knowing the types of gamblers existing here? 😂
  6. I got 950 XRP in 5 bets. I remembered when I did that- I felt I am going to fly my pants out of my seat with my eyes both staring madly at the monitor. I felt like it was the longest 2 seconds of my life. PS: Would never do it again. Heart attack risk is too big. 😂
  7. You can always manage finances without gambling. In fact, gambling is a dangerous entertainment that we seek as it may trigger your "management" awry in just 5 minutes with adrenaline rush but if you are already hooked onto it, then by all means you have to know when to stop or, if with a far-fetched planning, know what you can afford to lose.
  8. When reds begin to come by I just stop when it reaches my preferred limit (Stop on Loss) and move on. A loss is a loss and must not be chased back. Instead, to maintain patience, you must always keep in mind that everything is just a game and think about the money you put it as a price for the entertainment and thrill you got.
  9. Straight on withdraw! It seems to be a free money after all. But in the end it will always be up to the one who gains it and how they define the word "winning". Some people think that with that amount of money they can continue growing it further (gambler's fallacy) which is what exactly the casino wants the players do but lo and behold no one has succeeded ever yet (save for Grahamesko).
  10. This is what Eddie has been using against the players (as well as the rest of the casino-based platforms on land)- calming down is unlokely after a defeat and even triggers the person to chase the losses down, which eventually goes on to a deadly spiral. I believe staying calm when defeated only occurs when you already accepted that you cannot recover anymore and discontinue depositing.
  11. It solved my problem because I have clinical depression. I find people to talk with everyday on it, relieving the heaviness but I still have my sanity within me not to deposit anymore and begin betting recklessly. I have long realized gambling will never solve any problems at all. (Just look at those poor souls on High Rollers tab...)
  12. This is somewhat an allusion to one theorem in math called "Doob's Optional Stopping Theorem" where it states that no matter when you stop or resume playing, the outcome of whatever results you intend to have in the end will remain as is even if you stop before you even decided yourself to do such in far future instead. Nothing will change if you rest, unless you onlt decide to never come back (better if you are already ahead).
  13. This is difficult to implement because the numbers appearing are designed to occur more often than not amongst the others. Perhaps payouts in that case can be adjusted but I don't think that would happen soon. After all, you could choose the same range of numbers with limits of low and high by just putting the difference between them on the "Roll Over/Under" or "Chance" fields.
  14. This is delusional. Many people tried to do this way of thinking about things and failed miserably. Not even close to many but almost all. The only true way of chasing your dream is to shake that body off more than beyond what yiu do from 9 to 5. This is also a big sign of having a gambling problem.
  15. If you are going to hunt the extremes (0 or 99.99) this might matter very slightly such that 99.99 has a very small chance that it will appear more often than 0 (due to the modulus applied on HEX strings) but otherwise I just let it be. It does not matter anyway. The chance is the same hence, just roll and let luck decide.
  16. I believe the question is somewhat not correct. The real questions could be "hunt during sober or drunk", "hunt during losing a lot or winning" or "hunt when stressed or enamored". I would argue that time does not matter to play for as long as you are not jeopardizing your personal life's needs.
  17. Never had to recover because I ever chase anything, even the time when I deposited. I just enjoyed the game. I believe this kind of mindset of "recovering" is chasing a fool's gold albeit not impossible. You should not "recover" at the first place. You should stop once lost. Just my two cents.
  18. I just use the freebies and push my luck on it. For once I will never try to chase it if I ever deposit again. It's just nigh impossible. That 0.01% chance of existence isn't even 0.01% to be honest if you read the "Provably Fair Implementation" tab and do some math on how it appears. It's definitely much less. Bottom line, not worth it.