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  1. In that case I have no option to wait for money but in chat Im getting some free coins which is enough to build up ^-^
  2. Seems good but I think it's risky that high increase on loss you been lucky yet good luck
  3. I use mostly 2x in pattern after every 3 reds I decrease base bet then roll till green after green I start again with base bet what I loosed in previous bets till next 2 roll & never felt down on that strategy
  4. I think facebook has millions of followers so no doubt in libra success but I heard it would be stable coin so chances is far good
  5. I'm new in forum recently seen forum challenge they said reply your bets after edit using link but there is no option to reply kindly guide me how to post with examples if possible thank you
  6. I've experienced 23k reds on 9900x x payout & I stopped 🙁 If I talk about fairness a green should be come under 10k rolls but how much reds is possible on 9900x.?
  7. Yes I'm a winning gambler I follow my 2x pattern strategies in game everywhere & never felt down
  8. Or is your cigarette smoking linked to other addictions, such as alcohol or gambling?
  9. What is your opinion about rain why new users not getting rain even they are active in chatroom?