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  1. I m like to listen music, watch new movies. But currently i focus on earn money as i m facing some financial issues. so I m finding new gambling websites to play with free money, offers and giveaways.
  2. Just 2 days before i made loss of 7500 doges and 0.11 eth (busted my entire balance) that time i got tip of 10 xrp and made 195 xrp from that. and i recover my entire loss. (unexpected in 30 mins only)
  3. Rules are not necessary for gambling.. Its normal rules which we already aware as human being.
  4. Gambling is not thing which we can share with real family and friends. I have not invite single person to primedice or any other gambling websites.
  5. I also ruined my life because of Primedice and other gambling websites. But still gambling now because now i m taking gambling with right way. Currently i m not making single investment from my pocket and taking withdrawals of 100-300 usd per month. (pure profit)
  6. For race i think we need at least 0.1btc or equivalent balance in other coin. (for top 10 place) for lower place 0.01 btc is enough.
  7. I don't know we making comparison between them. All support members are best. We like someone on because any such support member interact with us at more time compare to other...
  8. I just aware of Eddie and Stunna as owner of website. don't know if there is any third face behind this website.
  9. I usually not playing on Primedice. My favorite website is Stake.com. Last time when we received XRP coupon i played and make cool profit of 84 xrp and that time i make my last withdrawal. (around 15 day ago).