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  1. My belief is that Earth is not flat, definitely.
  2. Maja

    Egg or Chicken

    Like most of people here, I also think that chicken was the first
  3. Tomatoes are my favourite. I can eat it with every meal and you can also make different kind of sauces, but I prefer to eat it fresh
  4. I like drinking tea, especially when it's cold but I personally don't believe in those magical powers of different kinds of tea. I read somewhere that if you drink green tea it will help you to loose your weight, but I read somewhere else that it's not good to drink it too much, so in the end we don't know what's true. But coffee is definitely always my first choice 😊
  5. When it comes to the cooking I really like it but I don't know how to prepare everything. I know how to cook a few meals but I hope that I will learn a lot of things soon because, in my opinion, every girl needs to know how to cook
  6. Maja

    Pet Names

    I was not very creative when I had to think of the names of my two dogs so their names are Snoopy and Jessie. I also have a bunch of cats but they don't have names since I am not a cat lover 😂
  7. Lizards are the animals I am most afraid of, but also mice, rats and snakes. But definitely I'm most afraid of those rodents.
  8. Maja

    Your worst vacation

    I went to my worst vacation 5 or 6 years ago. I got sick and I spent a couple of days in my bed. I was feeling really bad since I came there to relax but I was unable to do that because of the virus 🙄
  9. Bus is currently the means of transport I use the most since I still don't have my driving licence. It's not that bad, just sometimes air conditioning doesn't work so it can be a problem sometimes. I hope that I will begin with the driving lessons soon and be able to use the car
  10. So far I have visited Greece, Italy, France and Spain. All of these countries are amazing, but Spain and France are my favourite. I hope that it is just the beginning since I would like to visit whole Europe but also some other continents, too 😊
  11. Someday in distant future I would like to visit Maldives. My dream is to visit some exotic destination since I really like travelling and I would like to see how people from other cultures live 😊
  12. England and Ireland would be my first choice, but I would also like to visit some exotic countries too, like Thailand or something like that 😄
  13. My Best character: Tyrion Lannister My best house: House Stark Hated Villain: King Joffery Barratheon Loved Villain: Jaime Lannister Hated Character: Ramsay Bolton
  14. That would definitely be the naps. I hate it when I was little but now I regret that I didn't use those opportunities.
  15. I always have goosebumps when I watch this video.