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  1. Doge, most comfortable crypto for me, u can bet how u want with it
  2. Whats your favorite ''x'' to be on when u gamble? For me its just normaly like a 2x most of the time because i just like to double it its more safe then going for some 10x hehe. What about u? Is your favorite x 2 asweel or bigger/smaller?
  3. What was your biggest lossing streak on 50% chance of win? My biggest was like 7 in row loses with 50% happened today thankfully the amount was small so its fine. So how much reds in row with 50% have u gotten? And whats was ur reaction? Was u triggered/mad? Or that was just funny for u
  4. What was your biggest recover on primedice from one deposit? Like u deposited 0.1 eth lost to 0.001 eth and made back to 0.1 somehow . So far im new so i didnt had something like this, only from friends tip 200dogecoins to 5dogecoins and then just hit some high xs and made 400 . What about u guys?
  5. Yee the greed takes over and when u get the change to withdraw ur profit u just keep going, sometimes u win more but most of the time u just rip bcz of ur greed happened to me alot of times
  6. im newbie so, so far none, only one guy i talk on stake asweel hopefully i will find someone
  7. Whats was your biggest winstreak with 50% ? like 15 in row under wins . I wanna know
  8. i have seen my friends gettting rained like 3 times in row but i havent got rained once thats not answer haha
  9. Dusan, he helped me in the start when i got problem
  10. so far community in chat and DESIGNE
  11. Worst - Havent withdrawed yet Best - i love designe lol
  12. Never so far have deposited on site like 4 times but no withdraws, i guess im noob in dices lul