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    Wolverine74 got a reaction from questik in VIP luck or how I got richer   
    Great story, also teaches us that, if we don't stop in time, we can lose it all in a glimpse. Hope that luck knocks on your door again.
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    Wolverine74 reacted to UltraChief in How often do you change your seed?   
    Why the site allows you to unhash the sever seed and get a new server seed?
    It is to supply you the older server seed which was used to calculate your previous roll till that point where you changed the seed and so you can use it to verify the rolls to make sure they were fair all this long. This does not change the next rolls would it? Use you common sense.
    People have the wrong idea that changing seeds means you make the casino forget the previous rolls. There is no such thing.
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Katarina in 🥇 Welcome to VIP Exclusive Promotions! 🥇   
    Good day, VIP Dicers!
    We have a little surprise in store for all of you!
    Since many of you asked us for some special VIP promotions and activities, we decided to make your wishes come true!🎉
    Before we disclose what it will be, we would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation for your loyalty! Thank you! Thank you for choosing us and for staying by our side through both thick and thin. We would never have become what we are had it not been for you folks.🥰
    Without further ado, we are thrilled to announce that starting this Monday, we will be hosting exclusive VIP challenges! These would simply be an additional token of appreciation and a way for all of you to earn some pretty juicy prizes 💰 and to make your staking more exciting.
    We thought of different kinds of giveaways, some of which are the highest payouts, the highest profits in a bet, and similar. We will not reveal it all right away, but we vow to do our best to always think of something new and interesting so that you could never be bored.😎
    Your opinion is of a great importance to us so feel free to always reach us when you think of something that would help us grow and improve.📣
    P.S. Make sure to create a forum account if you haven't done so already.
    Yours sincerely,
    Primedice team
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    Wolverine74 reacted to MrNice23 in Gambling memes   
    "Not sure if my girlfriend's going to leave because she thinks i have a gambling problem or if she's just bluffing"  lmao true story!
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Jovan in Gambling memes   
    Is there going to be some more of these?
    I really like that cat meme.
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    Wolverine74 reacted to DreamStage in Gambling memes   
    Ah more memes finally  
    Was waiting for this fun
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    Wolverine74 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Gambling memes   
    Here are some funny gambling memes.

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    Wolverine74 got a reaction from LuluBot in Meow Meow   
    Here's some more.

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    Wolverine74 got a reaction from Mirela in Meow Meow   
    Here's some more.

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    Wolverine74 got a reaction from eleven011 in 100k Satoshi Profit From A Faucet Claim   
    Definitelly you were lucky because that is not a very good strategy bro, be careful and good luck.
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    Wolverine74 got a reaction from Pandemonium in Laughing makes the world go round!   
    So, let's laugh!

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    Wolverine74 reacted to Bojana in 3D road paintings!   
    Are you sure the second one is the road-painting, looks a bit too realistic to me, and there is a crane and people with phones all around? 😮
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    Wolverine74 reacted to dmbadillo10 in What was your biggest loss on Primedice?   
    Biggest lost on one session is 0.02. Was betting at 2.25x.
    Luckily, that was my last big loss since I started playing smart. 🙂
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Bojana in Let's count from 1 to 100 Thousand - 2018 Version   
    Hehehe  Everything is better with the photos  

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    Wolverine74 reacted to Kristoffff in Chat Upgrades   
    Would be neat, instead of muting beggars, we could move them into a beggar chat, for x amount of time so they can beg eachother , hopefully that will teach them a lesson or 2
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    Wolverine74 reacted to JrFromPH1 in Chat Upgrades   
    forum hero heart must have different colors  rainbow maybe? the heart color depends on how many posts that the hero have  @Dan i wish u can work in this man thanks 
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Kate865 in Chat Upgrades   
    but what about the text itself in the chat?
    my eyes burn with fire, if I am in the chat for a long time and try to read - I need a light mode 😢 🙏
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Noahbreezy in Chat Upgrades   
    It doesn't work for me, just checked. My Zoom is 100%...
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    Wolverine74 reacted to UltraChief in Chat Upgrades   
    This would be good and there is something that used to happen on another site I used to visit probably 2 years back. There was a rain concept there as well and some people used to "rain leech" They would post a single "hi/lol/hello" so that they become eligible for getting the rain but not post any further. Of course in that site rain pool used to be influenced by the amount of messages - which is not the case here.
    Still any type of "rain leech" need to be identified.
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    Wolverine74 reacted to dmbadillo10 in Chat Upgrades   
    No improvements that I can think of so far, except from at least putting an underline on links.
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    Wolverine74 reacted to PeopleEater in Chat Upgrades   
    I think you should have to wager 'X' amount withing 'X' time frame to qualify for rain. Too many alts and beggars getting rain.
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Dan in Chat Upgrades   
    The rain is currently weighted fairly favourably to users who are chatting. This will of course change once chat starts to get spammed.
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Owly in Chat Upgrades   
    Better random rather than tips will go to "hi" "lol" "xd" "emoji" "useless betid's" people
    Its state lucky N people will receive it. So catch ur luck 
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Dan in Chat Upgrades   
    This is being built into the new chat.
    This is being resolved.
    This works as you mentioned if you aren't zoomed in or out of the browser (view must be 100%)

    Developers are currently working on a fix to handle players who use the zoom feature on their browser.
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    Wolverine74 reacted to Kate865 in Chat Upgrades   
    I do not like that there are only 10 people in my list of friends;
    and this new thing - random rain - it would be cool if the rain fell on those who actively communicate in the chat (to maintain the activity of the chat), rather than those who are just online.