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  1. Definitelly you were lucky because that is not a very good strategy bro, be careful and good luck.
  2. Here are some funny gambling memes.
  3. Wolverine74


    Well, I think everyone knows me right?! I'm Logan! 😂 Kidding, my name is Zé Tó, I'm from Portugal and been here since 2014. For me, PD is much more than a gambling site, I specially like the community, amazing people here and the best chat I ever saw!
  4. Simple and direct video. Nice work. But martingale is a killer.
  5. By ****** I think they all do a pretty good job.
  6. Ok, ok...I know, they're all pretty amazing but, chose one of the supporting team and give at least one reason why. Mine is @Katarina, because I just think she's sexy as hell! 😋
  7. Give some ideas about new features that would be useful on PD chat.
  8. And what are the sections that are paying? Sorry for the ignorance.
  9. When you try to help the kids in need but they're all racists...ahahahahah!
  10. Hey gamblers, I was here talking with my walls and I remembered that my biggest loss was 0.4 BTC one night back in 2016 betting on 2.2x. What was yours?
  11. That's the spirit.
  12. It's cool, some errors still appearing and I want the night mode back! 😂