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  1. Wolverine74

    100k Satoshi Profit From A Faucet Claim

    Definitelly you were lucky because that is not a very good strategy bro, be careful and good luck.
  2. Wolverine74

    5 Point Spread

    Nice work.
  3. Wolverine74

    Quick Mind Game

    Clothing =» Pants
  4. Wolverine74

    Chat Upgrades

    Agree with that.
  5. Wolverine74

    Gambling Memes

    Here are some funny gambling memes.
  6. Wolverine74

    Quick Mind Game

    Heels =» Ankle
  7. Wolverine74

    Let's count from 1 to 100 Thousand - 2018 Version

    Following @Bojana's idea - 37
  8. Wolverine74


    Thx mate, you too.
  9. Wolverine74


    Well, I think everyone knows me right?! I'm Logan! 😂 Kidding, my name is Zé Tó, I'm from Portugal and been here since 2014. For me, PD is much more than a gambling site, I specially like the community, amazing people here and the best chat I ever saw!
  10. Simple and direct video. Nice work. But martingale is a killer.
  11. Wolverine74

    What's the best PD supporter?

    By ****** I think they all do a pretty good job.
  12. Ok, ok...I know, they're all pretty amazing but, chose one of the supporting team and give at least one reason why. Mine is @Katarina, because I just think she's sexy as hell! 😋
  13. Wolverine74

    Chat Upgrades

    Give some ideas about new features that would be useful on PD chat.
  14. Wolverine74

    [Challenge] - Forum Satoshis to 0.01BTC

    And what are the sections that are paying? Sorry for the ignorance.