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  1. Yes, i feel safe here in pd. I’m comfortable to play with. In my experienced, it’s “provably fair system”. Thanks to the owner and staff
  2. I like hosted challenge. It’s very nice, It’s their way to make this forum active and having more fun.
  3. Pattie

    Hello there

    Welcome back. Goodluck and have fun. Enjoy betting
  4. My favorite in pd is the support team, they are all nice and of course the owner, eddie, he is a very nice person, generous, approachable. In my experienced, Pd is “provably fair”👍
  5. I don’t think no one dares to beg supports. That’s an offense. They will get muted
  6. I don’t think anyone gots the jackpot. That’s impossible
  7. Just for fun and of course play for money 😂
  8. Share to others and save the money for the future