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  1. Yes I saw few players withdraw forum fund when make some good amount but I not do this when I have no fund for playing I with my forum fund if I have fund for playing then I not withdraw small amount
  2. I not collect rakeback when I lose my funds and I have no balance for playing then I claim rakeback but if I not lose and I have available fund for playing then I not claim even rakeback make a good amount
  3. Welcome to primedice community and good luck
  4. I think 20k mega race is a very nice event and so many users participate and enjoy this race and challenges I also participate in this race and try to get some good position
  5. I use dice game on primedice and stake mostly I play on stake because I work in Saudi Arabia and primedice not open in Saudi now I'm on leave and return back in Pakistan now primedice working and now I play dice just on primedice because I think I feel good play dice on primedice
  6. I use before few months primedice when I job in Saudi Arabia after some time primedice not work in Saudi Arabia but now I return my country Pakistan now primedice work in my country
  7. I always use 2x or 1.6x multiplayer but I change bit amounts every bit for example if my 1st bit amount 10k satoshi then my next bit amount 40k or 80k satoshi I use this strategy I not try big multiplayer because I don't feel relx big multiplayer strategy that's why I use low multiplayer but change my bit amount every bit
  8. In primedice my biggest lossing streak is 7 red in a row on 2x payout and maybe this streak go long but I change my strategy and start playing with 1.5x I think if you see your lossing streak go for long red then you need to change your strategy this is batter
  9. I think Eddie see equally both sites maybe some new events come in stake that's why you feel this I think primedice not need much time owner because there is just 1 game and stake 13 games and Eddie see all things where his need
  10. I use primedice just few so.not big amounts bits I make here but some day before I make a deposit 9k doge and after 5 mint I lose 7 k doge but then I recover 9 k within 5 mint this is my biggest recover in primedice but in stake I lose after 15 mint 120k doge but I recover very fast just within a 5 minutes I recover 140k dogecoin this is my biggest and faster recovery in stake
  11. Bitcoin is 1st crypto currency that's why bitcoin famous and top currency
  12. When I start game then I set a goal a limit for example when I start the game then I set a limit of I win 25 USD amount then I take a break or 50usd win then take a break and this break period not long like 2hours or 4 hours this brake time just 10 to 15 mint then I play again and when I think today my game very well and I make some big amount this game then some time I greedy for big amount and mostly this time result not come good that's why mostly not greedy play I play within limits and set a goal
  13. Well, I not withdraw on reach withdraw amounts because I always when I deposit then set a goal how much I win then I withdraw for example if I make a deposit 0.002 Btc then I set a goal for 0.01btc or 0.015 Btc then I withdraw I not like small amount to withdraw I like a big amount for withdraw minimum I make my balance to 10x or 15x then I think about withdraw
  14. I think yes this is possible to primedice I win big amount but this is depend on my luck and deposit if I make a good deposit and my luck stand with me I win a big amount on primedice this is a real and fair site if I understand the good strategy then this is possible and I hope very soon I do this