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  1. its nice to witnessed that you already reach your goal but the bad part is that you lost it . a goal is supposed to be sacred , whether you have earn it on other non risky things or to some risky thing like playing a gamble . you should have kept your profit at the first place because that is your only target goal or unless you already change your goal imediately and wanting more than that then i think that will be acceptable because i read somewhere that we must not stop once we reach our goal but instead we must aim for more ..
  2. he is still can be called a gambler as long as he started gambling with his money and he might be lucky to always win . on primdice there is that vault feature where you can use if you do want to keep some of your balance or your winnings . it helps in order to avoid the temptation of gambling out your available balance . it also depend on the gambler if he will use his income to enjoy himself but for me , i dont spend my money for a victory party or alike but i only save them and keep them so that have a money to be used for important situation or for emergencies .
  3. no i never tried not even once because to be honest i dont like to use telegram and my telegram account now is bloated and full of those spams that came from the airdrops that i joined on the past . whenever i open my telegram i dont know where to start because its full of messages and most of them are not really that important . i cant see the important ones so its not possible for me to catch on a daily giveway done by pd . also , there are now alot members on the pd channel so that even makes it hard for me to win .
  4. indeed . when i tried it i cant see to get consecutive wins and my balance is already depleting. i think i cant do it . if i insist i think i will end up busted out . i see that there are already more qualified winners and the prize is only limited so i think i cant still catch up anymore . so far i dont experience to loose as much as the prize for doing a challenge but the prize is only minimal but the sad part is that i lost all my balance after playing dice on my own. urghhh...
  5. woah . your post are mind blowing buddy. i feel amaze even thoughu i dont really get what your tryin to say in a simplified manner . although i understand correctly when you say that primedice didnt really change your life . like you , i can also say that primedice didnt change my life yet . it maybe because that im still a beginner on here but im still tryin my best to learn from the pro's and im hopin someday that i can also experience what most succesful gamblers feel experience.
  6. cool story bro. i think all of us do have an unforgettable gambling stories and guess what ? im not also exempted to that. i started gambling on a casino back on the days that im still in highschool , we cut classes and because its boring in school that time and we end up in a small time casino . it was not strict and we are not restricted to enter because we change our uniforms to tshirts. i remember i bet all my allowance for one week and left empty handed. im too scared to go home because in my mind what if my parents find out ?
  7. what makes a good gambler??? hmmm . the question is pretty tricky but i like to answer it based on my own knowledge. in order to become a good gambler , you need to learn the basics first (e.g learning the game on how to play it ) . next it chosing a good and solid gambling site like for example primedice because pd is old age gambling site so your confident that they wont scam you. and lastly learn how to control yourself or in short dont be greedy because greed is the root of all evil. if greed strikes , it can bust your balance and worst it will make you do inapropriate stuff just to get money so that you can possibly play again
  8. but what if he is already billionaire or a trillionaire and he dont like to earn money anymore ? i think there were also people like that. these people only want to live peacefully away from their businesses and stressful lives. now if pd owner decide to give it to me for example , i think i will do the same thing like you. i wont change anything because i also see how succesful pd are. but i will give announcement about the status of the owner . ill still give credits to him
  9. i dont do any settings or rituals . i just play automatically whenever im in the mood for playing but of course there are times that im tired or busy due to my day job so i dont play on these times. i mainly play the most on weekends during my day off or sometimes on the night time before going to sleep. i dont have a kids yet so there is no distraction whatsoever.
  10. thats simillar to martingale or you are already using a martingale method ? i use martingale and i bet just like you where i start small and if i loose i bet double than what i loose . like you i also realize one bad thing when using this method . i think i am only recovering my looses but not really earning enough or i just dont earn anything at all . before , back on the days when i dont know the martingale method , i only bet higher amounts at the start and sometimes i max out my balance because this will make me earn faster but also loose faster as well .
  11. thats bad if greed and gambling come together because that will result in a loose . when your greedy you wont stop until you wont be contented of your winnings but gambling isnt about winning . we must practice a responsible gambling so that we wont feel greedy ( e.g put only balance that are small ) if you bust it , you must stop imediately and comeback again next time but if ever your lucky to win you must also take a break so that greed wont posses on you .
  12. not bad amount . 45k sats straight withdrawal on this forum is still impressive . i just register recently and i dont see anyone withdrew a large amount of sats/btc yet . i dont also see someone holding amounts higher than yours but maybe on the past days were btc is still cheap i think so the pay rate on this forum are also large . you earn alot for a person that dont write much but i like your style because you are posting not because of the rewards but because you are only dedicated to share your thoughts . thats good ,
  13. so far i dont bet angrily but i only bet moderately with moderate risk because i think that im going to be depressed and sad all day long if ever i loose all my balance at one blow but before when i was new on the gambling scene , i love to bet higher amounts . dont know why , it might be because i still feel excited and never care at all about money if loose or win but now many things have change because i now value my cryptos knowing that cryptos are becoming valueable the longer they exist .
  14. this feature is only available for existing vip's ? if not , then where can we check this ? and by the way , im really curious to see those rakebacks that are censored on the op . was that your own rakeback ?
  15. as the saying said " the more the merrier " so yeah its always a nice idea to support more coins so that players will have an option because btc is kinda bit boring sometimes and as a gambler we prefer more faster deposit and lesser fee also in which other alts can solve that problem . there is really no difference at all when it comes to luck and when it comes to betting or for the profit because btc is still the measurement of any other cryptos . other cryptos might look big because of thier digits but thier value is actually still small .