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  1. When? Not when. Stop now if you don't want to be an addict. Gambling is made for FUN. So don't be addictive to gambling. And Add some self control.
  2. Not good you won't last a day on this roll
  3. How can we add Picture in Bitcoin talk. I go to profile and no picture. can't add
  4. me too cant view them can't find them i was confuse hahaha.
  5. @connesa genesis is only good for big amount that's why they go here https://ethtrade.org/@465023
  6. Well pocketdice is paying. I know it's paying because my feiwnd is playing the free mbtc and she won and instant withdraw
  7. ?START NOW GOOD SITE? ?LAUNCH: 12 JUNE 2017 ✅PLAN: 3.15% ?MINIMUM Withdrawal: 0.0005 ❤️Referral: 10-5-3-2 ?#PAYING #INSTANT ?#Deposit #BACK #ANYTIME https://www.bit-bot.io/ref/BB5774461
  8. Love love this new design . I was away for a week i never expect that the forum is still here haha love it well done
  9. I love this new forum haha . Also in my phone. Hoping that one day they well develop an android app and IOS app to make it more productive love this ❤️
  10. Yes trisha22[/member] DGB is Good why not try SC . Just purchase an amount of 0.01 and hold it for a while.
  11. I SUGGEST BUY DGB AND SC, they will boom. There price is starting to change in the market.