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  1. Bet: 33,194,460,170 placed by ivan0808 on 21/07/2019 Wagered 0.00000001 Multiplier 3.30x Profit 0.00000002
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    I am also a novice .... hello ...😉
  3. Yesterday I just registered and have one deposit three dollars ...))) I just study the game ...😊
  4. when I play ... always for the background something is turned on the TV, tweeting ... I often play on auto bets so it does not distract ...😀
  5. How to attract luck in the game? Probably each of us faced with all sorts of superstitions, rituals and other machinations with good luck .... Someone carries a rabbit's foot with him))), someone constantly buys different chips from Feng Shui stores, someone wears a piece of clover with 4 petals, someone launches bonuses in the slots with the little finger of his left hand))). You can not lend while playing in a casino. Together with the money you give your luck. And the opposite: it is better to borrow yourself, even if you have your money))) You need to dream about winning .... Visualize your victories .... Everyone has their own secrets. I noticed that I have never won anything decent, but I am sure that I will win more ... The main thing is that you should not become obsessed with the game .... There must be a measure in everything ....😉