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  1. Hi All, I am posting after so many days and i am interested in knowing that how many of u have you all Currencies in Green, and also how share your secret to keep all currencies in green as i am trying hard to achieve that, buy failing all the time. Hope some 1 here has all currencies profit in green.
  2. Same here waiting eagerly.....................
  3. U guyz are using so many techniques but guess who is this person whom all of us cannot defeat, such a awesome developers/programmers/coders what ever u can call them. I tried 99x but it can hit 1300 red easily.
  4. Is this auto betting, as it seems like but it would be nice to have script instead.
  5. can u paste the script here so we can also test it and give reviews.
  6. I think this person just create his post and went to sleep or start making another one. If u some how read this paste a full script here so we all can test.
  7. Nice idea i would try to use this at my place, what about logging in with same ip address so many users, will PD ban all users for using same ip address? But this was a awesome ideas as we can play with 0 balance also.
  8. It is very hard to understand for a normal person who doesn't know anything about script, But it will be awesome if u put this into some script and let us learn from that. It would be very much appreciable. Hope u understand what i want to explain, kindly make a small working script to test your way of betting.
  9. This happens to me earlier when i use to play a lot and lose a lot, i use to get to much any with my friend rather u can say i get aggressive and if some how i win i use to be happy like no 1 else and spend that money here and there, but as the time passed by i had controlled my feelings so that this will not effect my daily life. Play slow have fun dont keep the target to high that cannot be achieve in short time.
  10. Main reasons for loss are Greed 2nd is playing hard & fast to recover old losses which cannot be recovered like that. 3rd is playing with whole balance on single bet which means ur doomed 90% time u will lose. Every time u play be chill and take is easy if u lose. Play in breaks. Last and not the least dont think that u will earn your future from here but for sure u will destroy ur future from here.
  11. Once i post 2-3 bets on chat people start saying that dont spam, thats the only time i feel like people are unhappy to c some 1 winning. Thereafter i never posted any thing related to bet even if i won big or lose. Kind of a feeling like most people will be neutral on ur win but there are some who will be unhappy. Nothing we can do about that.
  12. This auto roll will bust some time or someday what ever ur basebet is. I had tried many ways but every way i get busted in long autobet. more over i tried with 1 doge and it also got busted. no way u can run it for 5days it cannot go more than 1 day if u using high payout. One more thing will be appreciated if u can share you script so others can also try it and might make some profit if not bust
  13. There must be some kind of bot that will ask question and winner will get some kind of reward.
  14. if there is any script that can give me 1-105 daily i would be more happy to try that.