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    pacoquiche got a reaction from hwar in 🏆 [$800] The Greatest Minds: Ivo Andrić 📖   
    Bet: 85,623,949,722
    placed by pacoquiche on 21/03/2021
    0.05880000 Multiplier
    10.00x Profit
    0.52920000 Incredible the last four number of the bet ID are the same of the roll number 97.22  hahahahaha
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    pacoquiche got a reaction from alexandre12 in 🏆 ​[800$] Around the Globe: Cambodia ​🇰🇭​   
    Bet: 69,408,280,322
    placed by pacoquiche on 19/10/2020
    4.40000000 Multiplier
    2.00x Profit
    4.40000000 93.00
    Bet: 69,408,770,857
    placed by pacoquiche on 19/10/2020
    4.40000000 Multiplier
    2.00x Profit
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    pacoquiche reacted to renault18turbo in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    this afternoon i clicked by error in the "balance" box,
    so i had an idea
    imagine you can change your balance clicking in the field and editting it,
    it would be awesome
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    pacoquiche reacted to flirty in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Collection of 77.77 in a week who collect more. Is the winner
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    pacoquiche reacted to Munkeebank in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Trivia type games?
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    pacoquiche reacted to devinks in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    my sugest lucky roll but not twin number
    just get in lucky number from new High Roll
    if you start lucky roll you must waitting a few minute for new high roll and if new high roll is come lucky roll is start
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    pacoquiche reacted to yaroslavvv in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Bet you can guess Bet:16,000,000,000 or any Bet,
    what roll will fall
    and make the lottery fee 50K
    the winner will get the jackpot
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    pacoquiche reacted to MrSilent in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Puzzle roll bet and Trivia maybe?
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    pacoquiche reacted to yaroslavvv in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    offer to catch BET #17,777,777,777
    rate 100 satosh
    if the winner will not be
    then catch BET #18,888,888,888
    this is just an example
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    pacoquiche reacted to artcode in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    lottery wegger its nice in my opinion
    this is how it goes :
    you can get lottery tickets by wegering so the more you weger the more tickets you have and the drawing could be tradutional lottery or can use hash from blocks  ;D
    or also what you think about  making meme for primedice give aways ? its would be fun also  8)
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    pacoquiche reacted to visions in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    what about this I means Time and Roll Number Both are same. That was Interesting
    Time 12.02 and once Roll come 12.02(12.02=12.02 )
    Time  12.03 and once Roll Come 12.03(12.03=12.03)
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    pacoquiche reacted to flirty in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Getting 5 times  99.99 or 00.00 in a day
    This competition also good for players
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    pacoquiche reacted to Happyhour1 in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Make a bouns ,
    If bet 99x win and bet number last number is (7). Eg:xxx.xxx.xx7
    Then post the bet in this forum , will get a little bonus
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    pacoquiche reacted to biggad in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Any double roll, example - http://prntscr.com/eox74d
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    pacoquiche reacted to Lilmon in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Here's a few:
    Most bet in a single roll... for Example 1st place Bet 100 BTC or more in 1 roll
    2nd place 50 or more
    3rd place 25 or more
    4th place 12.5 or more
    etc etc
    Another one can be a raffle where people have to bet lets say 0.001 for 1 ticket and then they post the bet ID and their tickets gets added up... so if I bed 0.001 and I do it 10 times I have 10 tickets. I post my bet IDS on the forum and I get the 10 tickets and then there will be a raffle for 1st place 2nd place 3rd place etc...
    Just some ideas
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    pacoquiche reacted to singpays in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Wagered competition missing in pd .. this is best idea wagered competition who make big wagered  prize well good to many ppl interested and High roller players hop my idea was good 
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    pacoquiche reacted to lolgato in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Make it some kind of bet hunt like if you hit a certain bet id you get points/btc for it and the people with the most points win?
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    pacoquiche reacted to Jaarood in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    1) a number of winners is chosen at random, simple but efficient
    2) a specific payout is chosen (a really high one, like minimum 99x) and we get points by hitting green (the more wagered the more points)
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    pacoquiche reacted to MateuszHDHR1 in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Maybe something like : "from now on, the (first) one to roll 0.00, 1.00, 2.00.... and so on wins a big prize (it could take long )
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    pacoquiche reacted to PARANORMAL in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    How about two any numbers in a row.
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    pacoquiche reacted to RGBKey in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Zoltan, I was thinking maybe give points like you did for hitting those specific rolls last time, but instead of going for those numbers, award points based on the number of bets with the exact same roll.
    So (for example) you roll:
    41.37 29.58 33.57 41.37 ....  
    you could submit your bet numbers that both had a roll of 41.37, and any additional bet numbers that also have the same roll would be worth additional points, but you would be limited to only using one roll number (ie you couldn't use 41.37 and then also 29.58 if you rolled another one)
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    pacoquiche reacted to Mammusu in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    How about to predict roll number a few minutes later?
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    pacoquiche reacted to try2win in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    bounty roll maybe or lottry hit number roll lucky player hit
    good ide game or competision in PrimeDice
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    pacoquiche reacted to horacewoodwood in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    How about a competition where only 00.00 and 99.99 are counted as points and the larger the bet, the more points you get?
    Give it 2 weeks, or maybe a month to end, have 10 paid places. I also think this is an opportunity to see some awesome bets in case anyone hits one of these while betting big. Thank you for your attention
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    pacoquiche reacted to Zoltan in Giveaway/Competition Ideas   
    Hey Everyone,
    as you know hui and I are doing the fortnightly giveaways for PD and we want to ask your opinion! Let us know what kind of giveaways and competitions would you like to see in the future! We have some ideas by ourselves and gonna organize them from time to time, but if we get really good ideas and they will be implemented you will get 0.01 BTC for that!
    Thank you All!