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    weworewhat got a reaction from VrOdaN in Expected earning without deposit in 1month from gambling   
    Are you sure about that, how would you make $ 200 without a deposit? Can you share the process you completed this challenge? I hope that I will receive from you.
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    weworewhat got a reaction from vladiz in Hunt during the day or at night   
    Immediately after starting the day when you wake up in the morning is the best time to gamble. I am always gambling in the morning because I think I'm quite lucky and the moment when a new day begins.
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    weworewhat reacted to sheenaz.bay in Get out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams in primedice gambl   
    in my opinion there is no comfort zone in gambling. every loser gambler will feel regret with various emotions. so in my opinion there is no comfort zone in gambling. I don't believe there is a gambler who gambles just for fun, even though he loses, he doesn't feel anything, I don't believe that. of course all gamblers gamble to get profit
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    weworewhat got a reaction from primsess in If Primedice become yours?   
    I think that is not possible, but if possible, I will continue to maintain it. This is one of the most popular websites and it has been around for so long, and I don't want it to be a glorious history that is no longer maintained.