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  1. I preferably use Coinbase wallet as it is user friendly and famous after blockchain wallet. We can store so many different coins in coinbase wallet. We can trade one coin for other coin.
  2. The deposit can be varied person to person, If we want to make 0.001 btc profit i suggest u to deposit 0.01 btc deposit. Means i suggest u to take profit of 10% daily. Don't try to make balance double or thries. (even this can be done if u are very lucky)
  3. While Gambling we need peaceful place and place where we don't want anyone's interference. but it is not possible to everyone. I m living in 1bhk flat where my computer setup in hall. so i dont get any peace while playing gambling and that affect my play sometimes.
  4. Dice game is not about to skill. We just need to predict where it roll. But playing it continuously we can check probability of win or loose on particular payout. and that can help us to make prediction. I like dice games.
  5. It is dream win you thinking about. but we dont hope that much win. Winning such big amount like 10-100 btc is our dream, dont know weather that come to real or not. or to hit big win we need to take big risk, and i m not such kind of person to take that much risk like 1btc bet. Currently i m not able to make any huge bet like 1btc and to take that much risk. Hope in near future i m in capacity to do same. i would buys all luxurious thing to make life comfortable.
  6. No, i dont won primedice jackpot. Winning Primedice jackpot is very hard thing. We cant roll 77.77 two times continuously. and even don't know weather any other person hit jackpot. Primedice should provide information of jackpot winner by making any link on website. People wants to know weather there is winner person or not who won jackpot.
  7. Yea both websites are of same owners but Primedice is thier first website which have single dice game. stake were started after with multiple gaming options. They can merge both website but its overall their decision. We like both Primedice and Stake.
  8. This is nice question.. But Even if deposit's are more than Withdrawals that doesn't mean user is in loss. This thing depend on users strategy. some user keep staking balance from other websites in one account their deposit were higher than withdrawal. Some user keep trying luck to get big output and keep loosing money their account show high deposit compare to withdrawals. I m not investing so my deposit are lesser than withdrawals.
  9. Hi Guys, There are so many moderators and support person working in primedice. On basis of how they interact with us, make us fun, giveaways etc. Which one is ur favorite moderator / support member. Robear and jovan are my favorite
  10. Our Emotion always influence our game, strategy, plans which leads to getting busted. In Gambling we need to calm in all situations even if we loose considerable amount. We need to trust our-self that we can recover such lose slowly, but In emotion we want to recover loss in next bet and we keep increase out bet amount and all balance become 0. (thats what casinos want)
  11. There is 2 way to earn money in gambling 1- U need to make proper plan like to earn daily 4-5% and do steady wins and accumulation of balance to get big output for long run. in this plan ur focus and concentration required a lot. for ex. if u make 10% profit per day accumulate for 1 month then ur balance is increase 17 times of initial investment in 1 month. 2-When u have luck u no need to worry about game u will always win. for example . One of my friend started his gambling with 30$ after one day his profit is 1BTC. (This is what luck called)
  12. This could be harmful mail. Trying to fishing u. Stay away from such mails.
  13. i never gonna deposit any from pocket. i playing from faucets, rains, rewards other benefits...
  14. This threat gonna be crazy on last day.
  15. Casinos never in loss. players losses is more than players who won.