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  1. Aleksandra

    Egg or Chicken

    Chicken was the first to come!
  2. My first choice country is and will always be Great Britain. Even though I haven't been there yet, I will surely go at some point of my life.
  3. Like most of you, I am afraid of snakes too! 😅
  4. Aleksandra

    Pet Names

    My pet's name is Matilda. Since I have found the cat when I was walking around the town with my bf, he was the one who gave her name. It was literally the first thing that popped up to his head, at least these are his words.
  5. Since I have studied English language and literature for four years and heard a lots about English culture and their way of life, I would like to travel the whole Great Britain and Ireland, I would especially love to visit London and Dublin.
  6. The thing I miss the most about being a child is the fact that you didn't have to set the morning alarm. 😥
  7. My favorite TV series is F.R.I.E.N.D.S for all the times I adore this SitCom because whenever you watch it you got the feeling that it is happening right at that moment...
  8. I enjoy a good topic no matter which genre it is, as long as it is interesting and keeps my attention. :)