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    Xentreali reacted to Muskieto in Goal achieved!!!   
    To everyone without expierience using the Dicebot, be extremely carefull with all the settings you can adjust, things can go bad pretty easily.

    If you use the advanced "LUA" Script feature, make sure to only use scripts provided by the Official website. Make sure you understand each line of the script as there are maliciouse scripts out there that might steal your balance. 

    I have the bot running with only small bets / less risky bets, next to that I use the manual roll to place higher / more risky bets.
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    Xentreali reacted to maluss in Goal achieved!!!   
    Here you have the strategy that made me achieve this goal:

    Note: Make sure you have a big starting balance, time to time it gives you huge loss streaks!!
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    Xentreali reacted to maluss in Goal achieved!!!   
    oh yeah, let's go!! Just got hyped now 😄
    if you achieve your goal all you need to do is set a new one, go for it 🙂
    No, simply DiceBot normal settings. Still testing the basic stuff, but maybe in the future.
    Of course, that's the point of all of this. Gambling is only fun if you keep growing your bankroll, or atleast while it lasts eheh At the moment I'm using 5 different strategies. Good luck with you goal!! 😃
    Glad to hear you're trying DiceBot, but don't forget, play safe! Or at least try 😂
    First of all, I use more than one strategy and 25% is a lot, but I hope you can do it. Best of luck!!
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    Xentreali reacted to maluss in Goal achieved!!!   
    Since I came back to Primedice and had my fresh restart, I started using DiceBot too just for curiosity. It made me wanna test new strategies, which I've been enjoying a lot because of the the variety of settings this bot offers. Even though it has been fun, I came with goals that prentend to achieve and one of those just got achieved while testing one of these strategies. The goal was simple as reach the minimum XRP withdraw amount, which is 40 XRP for those who don't know. 😎
    Here goes the prove:

    Hope y'all achive your goals too!!
    Best of luck!! 😎😜