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  1. I actually don't care what I depo, it's mainly ltc, tron and tron is one of the fastest currencies out here too, try it out to deposit once, you'll not be disappointed, once I first deposited tron I couldn't believe my eyes with how fast it was lol, once it was faster than xrp.
  2. Gambling will never make you rich, you'll still feel the need to play and play and play, and eventually you would lose all of your winnings if you decided to "get rich" by gambling that's not a good way to get rich by.
  3. No, I'm pretty sure this won't happen for a long time, as Eddie owns roughly about 28K btc, he's wise with it and he might do a maintenance to check the whales rolls if they do with a big stash of his bitcoin, because it could happen like with hufflepuff, he finds a flaw and earns from it.
  4. I think it was Mirela, when I obtained the VIP status on Stake, and yeah, she was also very welcoming and very polite, but I answered just the next day, and Bojana answered that day, because it wasn't Mirela's shift, she sent me a welcome to vip bonus, introduced me to everything, telegram vip channel and everything else.
  5. Welcome to the family :).
  6. I kind of prefer a PC because I can cntrol everything so much faster with the hotkeys, but I also don't play on the PC that much, I play more on my phone as it is easily accessed and you don't need to do all of the hard steps to go on primedice just to bust that fast, but if I have a good balance, I would of course take all the efforts to play on the computer.
  7. I only joinedat 2019 July first, but I took a lot of ventures through this journey, I met a few new people here as I came from stake and I already knew a few people, i once had made 0.02 btc from a very low amount, then 2k doge to 50k doge and then busted, tried to recover it all too but i ended up in bigger losses over all and am still trying to win everything i have lost back and maybe with a little twist.
  8. Why did this make me laugh
  9. I would usually try the strategy for a good amount of time and bets and then see what it's up to - if it eats both time and coins, I'll try to recover and go again, but if I feel like I cannot do it any longer with my patience I just return the next day to try again and it's very good that you have a whole week to try it out because it couldn't be done in less than that with some regular players and their patience and time they would like to consume to primedice.
  10. I love chatting and interacting with users all along this site and I enjoy speaking with some of them more than the other ones, but I will always say hi back no matter who you are or what've you done to me. I'll try to be nice as possible from now on and try to make people happier and try to make them feel better.
  11. Hey, sheen, These days I feel like wagering would be more useful as I don't feel like profits would last me long and VIP status would make a big difference, I am focusing on wagering now.
  12. Eugene265: NEVER COMING BACK TO THIS RIGGED SHIT SITE! Also Eugene265 10 minutes later: SHIT I BUSTED ANOTHER LOAN NOW I HAVE 0.3BTC OF LOANS! FUCK THIS SITE NEVER COMING BACK! Next day Eugene265 sees Zaynab: hunnn how are you doing this awesome day? side note: I don't hate neither of them, it's just a funny meme.