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  1. Welcome! I'm new here too. Hope we can talk in future.
  2. Probably the community, the no deposit to withdraw, rains, awesome owner, no min deposit.
  3. Well, I drink either carbonated water or simple plain water, I sometimes drink coke and things, never alcohol tho.
  4. Probably, the community, the "not rigged site" thingy, that you don't need to deposit to withdraw, that there's no min. withdrawal.
  5. I haven't really bet on something weird rather than on dice hahaha, weird multipliers and things.
  6. I feel like it's being timed out, but we wont know the outcome, because the timing is very random, so I don't think going fast is going to help you to increase your balance.
  7. Everyone plays for fun, but they get money too , but mostly everyone plays for money, then when they bust, they go on a small balance and they play for fun , I guess.
  8. I don't feel like there are, but when a new is found, it doesn't work for everyone.
  9. good luck everyone and ty for hosting This will be a very helpful thread for newbie. agreed ty for hosting bro.
  10. Oh, in fact I balance them really great, at certain points I go out with my family, and sometimes I just sit here and gamble, interact with players. I don't mix my personal life with my gambling life, it's not my style of life, whenever I want I just go out with my friends and family as I've said and whenever I want I just sit here and gamble, so I do it pretty good.
  11. Hey guys, I really have a problem with quitting at certain points of winning many times and much, but then in the result of my greed I always bust everything, may you help or give me some advice how to quit when you have a certain point of profit? Because I lost all of my hope, even if I try to quit, I still come back and play it. Which of course results in me losing all of my balance, you guys are my last hope.
  12. Nice, I will start to use it just out of curiosity too, thanks for sharing your wins, I hope I can make good balance with this and good luck to all of you guys.
  13. Really true, you have to master quitting at some sort and time or just keep inventing new and new strategies and sharing them, and first of all, you have to win to know when to quit, because if you don't make any profit you will be just dissapointed and yes I agree it's somehow similar to stocks trading, because you need to know when and how to stop which requires skill in my opinion. And I don't have the discipline to quit at certain points of my profits, so I'll have to learn that too, and get some strategies, anyways good luck guys.