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  1. No, I think it's perfectly fine as long as you don't go and lose your own savings which would cause you to stress even more, talking with the community is a great way to spend your free time as well, which is what I am doing in my free time as well. Best of luck with the baby - Kind regards.
  2. 2% is the increase you should be looking for in 100x multipliers, 3-5 would bust you real quick and you would have literally no chance to win something before busting or withdrawing the funds, but I think 3-5 is pretty reasonable, 10 and up you would not stand a chance for a run of over 5 minutes, because you'll bust if you use a very unwise bankroll management.
  3. SLFJ


    Hi, my name's Eric, I'm kind of new here, but I got a nice feel of it, looking forward to meeting more of you in the site.
  4. Bet: 36,154,880,777 placed by SLFJ on 06/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000000
  5. Never ever have been in the HR tab here, although have been in the pd's sister-site stake quite a couple of times, not as impressive though, just some casual wins.
  6. Hey guys, Do you think that it is more profitable to play on higher payouts or it is not? In my opinion it is more profitable to hunt the bigger ones starting with 500x, because you can get a nice profit if you hit it fast, in not so much rolls. Let me know what you think about this. Kind regards, slfj.
  7. It all depends if the guy is addicted or not, if he is it's a compulsion, if he is not, it is a choice that we make by coming here and to all of the other casinos that there are and we play. Sometime it is not a choice and you want to earn back your money what you have lost, but usually the result is more losing and then it turns to an addiction, which is pretty damn sad, but we can't change it. Kind regards, slfj.
  8. Joined here not so long ago 1-2 months ago.
  9. SLFJ

    Introduction :)

    Hey, Mara, nice to meet you :).
  10. Yeah, surely, negative people spread very fast too, if you lose, blame the player, not the game, and yes, house always wins, so if you're thinking to 3x your balance it is not likely to happen, but if you want a profit of like 20% of your initial deposit, then it's very much possible.
  11. I have a pretty decent strategy that has made me well over 200-300$ in a few days, but I wont reveal it, if you want share you best strategies and winnings off them if you would like to, because some people struggle with settings on the dice, just because they maybe never tried other members of the PrimeDice community strategies for it, I feel like somme of you have great ones, but wont share it like me, just because everyone would start using them.
  12. Recently I have been tested about changing seeds when I didn’t got high multiply examples- when I go 100 x for 100 times and didn’t hit I changed seeds to be fresh roll . But sometimes I feel that roll is near to hit and if generated seeds made so far away again. Is that related or just psychological mind thinking? What do you think? Did you feel like that before? If you hunting high multiply , how often did you guys generate new seed? In my opinion this will mess up all of your bets and you shouldn't be doing it.