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  1. My last knowledge on this topic is that Primedice insist that we the gamblers have a 1% average over the house, but i think it's a false comment cause they have a tilt mode when you 're in automated mode and in certain days is rigged for a house edge winning. So whom ever has the statistics on house edge please let us see.
  2. Iwould like to see in the new version of PD, that the tilt mode is canceled, cause when you are in automated mode after 15 minutes wagering it tilt`s there is no fairness if you can tilt at anytime.
  3. Hello everyone what i would like to see in the next version of PD is the possibility to have multiple windows to be able to bet a diffrent coin in each window.
  4. i like poker since i was a child i'm 43 now and my family showed me how to play i like it for that reason cause my father was vicious to that game
  5. My best strategy is to play 4 hours a day 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening like this i dont get brain tired or eager to bust.
  6. I guess it would be fun I nominate myself Abel7, cause he is new and needs and incentive
  7. Good day to all my PrimeDice family, my worst experience is when i made a wrong bet because my niece tried to scared me and i lost 10 times the amount that i originally wanted to bet it still hurts me. My best experience it's yet to come i'm fairly new at this learning and wagering as i go along. I hear alot about some rainbot or showering whats that all about? But my experience so far is good still tring to wager satoshis in this comunity. Good luck to all.
  8. Well good day to everyone i can only connect 1 hour in mid-day and 1 to 2 hours in the evening when i get enough time in my hand i will try out the 24 hour race. Is there anyway you can earn btc in this community?
  9. How about a PrimeDice android or mac app so you can have a easier access to login.
  10. I would like that the new players don´'t need to wager 100 dollars to activate chat
  11. Hello everyone Well i'm new here learning the ropes to win Hope everyone has a great dicing day win Big yall.