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  1. yeah thats right buddy primedice has risen and taken the world of online gambling and soon it will be in the news cuz theyll hit bigger and bigger everytime heheh cuz casino always win haha just kidding, anyways this is the most cool and great place to earn, chill, relax and the same time to lose all your money if youre that greedy haha.
  2. Ohhhhhh I'll keep this one in check. Thank you for the giveaways Cap!
  3. for me im good with sticking to my strategies and any kind of coins but changing bet amount depending on what coins im playing. And also playing safe will help you to make it last and make it to the long run, just dont be greedy bro. anyways good luck and play it slowly but surely.
  4. i also remembered that time i havent deposited on my acc because i got bust then got lucky been given tips and rains from players in the room chat and the total is 0.0002 btc and luckily using some of my strat i had made it to 0.003btc i was so happy at that time then suddenly because of greed i want more and then suddenly ended up busted haha funny moment lol.
  5. The secret to becoming a professional gambler is to study the games and to create a routine that will help you cut all the unnecessary bets. Follow the betting system and get a working strat that will last long, and you will be one step closer to becoming a winning player. That's because professional gamblers know that winning real money at casino is not impossible.
  6. This is what holding onto my faith looks like to me. I just found out last night that she is gambling again(my girlfriend) . I'm okay, but I just needed to get this out. Please don't respond with negativity. I am in the process of healing as well, and I just thought I'd give writing about it a try. Here goes... "This is when you have to just trust in God." The thought hit me as I am processing what I've just heard. She's gambling again. Right at this very moment. I know that I just have to trust, but..... Thoughts. No fears. Fears swirl though my head. The gravity of what is happening. The possibilities. Everything we've learned about gambling addiction- Some we learned while she was in treatment, and some we learned by seeing. Not just seeing from her, but from her own mother also. My beloved grandmother who lost everything more than once. We've seen enough. Hasn't she seen enough too? What I know is that she will not stop until she has to. But people will still bail her out. Will she ever stop? Will I be one of the people put in a position to tell her no? What will happen when the reality of what she has done hits her? When she realizes what she has spent. What she has lost. Her addiction has evolved. When one or two hundred used to satisfy her, it takes so much more now. She has gambled everyday for the past two weeks. She loses six to eight hundred per day. Gone. Forever. Her hard earned money. She has already filed bankruptcy this year. Now she is spending the last of all that she has. Will she survive the realization when this hits her? This addiction has the highest suicide rtae. The thought sickens me. She mentioned suicide for the first time after getting out of treatment. Treatment. That was less than a year ago. An inpatient stay lasting over 30 days. She felt it was one of the hardest things she had ever been through. Hard or not, they taught her what is required. Meetings would be a part of her life forever. Counseling. The twelve steps. Her sponsor. Self care. They made it crystal clear that these tools will now need to be permanent fixtures in her life. Did she not believe them. Did she really think she could do it without the tools? Did she believe in miraculous healing? If she took the time she spends ruminating on all the things she is pissed off about- if she just used that time to the tasks she was assigned at treatment. Would she be gambling right at this very moment? Help is available. Trust in God. It's the only thing I can do. I can't control her addiction. I can't control how others will respond to her. I can't make them allow her to hit rock bottom. I can't control where her rock bottom is, although I pray it is not much further down than this. I also can't control her response. I just have to trust God. And one thing I've learned, trusting Him does not even mean that He will heal her of this addiction. It does not mean that she will not fall again. And unfortunately, it does even mean that some of my darker fears are guaranteed not to happen. What it means, is that I can rest in the knowledge that no matter what the outcome is, on ething remains. He is still God. He is still here. I am not alone in this. He is God when things are good, and He is still God when things are bad. Right now, trusting in Him is all that I can do.
  7. in the past i really love pvp games with havin a stake on it and its dota 2 and so on im in crypto and enter the world of gambling, and this is where it takes me here in primedice haha but ive been in a lot of online casino lately.
  8. i admit im just on a average person i do have some cash but i dont really gamble it all cuz i know where it leads me, some maybe winning big profits but its all fortune and i dont wanna take that risk cuz im not that rich haha. And always im just waiting for tips or rain if lucky and thats what i wil gamble and if sometimes if i do have some xtra cash im playin again for fun and enterainment to kill time hehe.
  9. its one way or another maybe haha anyways there are no good strategies or systems out there cuz in the long run youll eventually lose it all if you dont know when to stop and cash out ur profit then youll be ended broke. And i believe in the saying "risk only what you can afford to lose". dont just be greedy and play safe at all times.
  10. I can only gamble when my balance is still lasting in the long run like about 2-3hours maybe depends on my bankroll.But now i made some limits so that i wont bust that big but suddenly there are no good strategies cuz you cant win forever, the only thing matters is how long will you last and must know when to stop if got some good profits. Always dont be greedy cuz it will only lead you to dissappointment and so on.
  11. yeah, you must be the one controlling yourself not the game. And by the way congrats on achieving something that some dont have and it is not being greedy to somethin. Always do things with precautions first so that youll be safe on anything. lol good luck with that buddy i know ur rich because you have a business but always only take risks what you can afford to lose. But buddy dont bust or lost it all cuz in the long run if you ended up broke its ur choices you had made and maybe regret, dont let that happen to you. you did the right thing to do buddy while you still can escape from it then do it, youll be happy by the outcome of it. good job buddy thats the right thing to do while youre at it then escape from it while you can cuz if you dont? youll gonna regret it in the end, but if youre looking for fun and entertainment you can gamble some from rain or tips, playin smart is the key never be greedy in to something that wont make you win. good for you han youre learning something now eh? haha. anyways just play it safe dont make a depo when you still havent recovered your lose. If you wanna play safe and dont wanna invest some cash then wait for some tips or rains then thats what you can gamble. If you get profit from it then it would be great but if you lose its just fine cuz its free money isnt it? play smart always han hehe.
  12. i strongly agree to everyones comment here, there is no best strategy after all because in the long run youll get busted and rage then make some deposit again, and think of it you made a depo without recovering your lose even if u made some profit its still a loss, why? because u made another deposit again and what if youll lose again so another bust nah that wont do. The better idea is once you won some profit cash out it immidiately then play somethin a little dont be greedy cuz it will you to nothing for sure.
  13. hello buddy for sure count me in and also you can add me in the game as a friend if you want, most of the the time im active in the chat room hehe. Anyways goodluck mate and have a good day
  14. yeah totally right cuz greed will lead you to nothing only dissappointment youll get in the long run so before you meet that must be aware of it from the 1st place. and always be patient at times cuz it will surely help you so be careful and play safe.