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  1. Hello! I like the lottery, but I think it would hardly be added here because the main game is dice But if it was added for sure I would play
  2. Hello! For sure. Every loss (Most of them) in the gambling world certainly teaches us something. So much so that we learn over time and get used to a way of playing Exactly!
  3. Hello! I believe the best way to do this is with high % such as 80 or 90%. But the problem is that losses in this can give a headache to recover them. but as long as your goal is to just raise stars, then this is the best way For example I play by 90% and expect 2 consecutive reds, after which I raise the value and place the bet. If it gives red, raise bets 1000% until you see a green. but it's essential to be careful because I've seen more than 5 consecutive reds lol. Good Luck!!
  4. Hhahaha yes, I did that. It all seemed so real that I went to check Thank you so much for the tip friend, I certainly will not underestimate. Dreams can even tell us something that can happen, so come on! We can not give up
  5. Wow! You don't know how I like to hear it! After all the goal of all is that we have profits that can help us! I really hope everything gets even better for you. Good luck my friend!
  6. Hello! I hope you make good profits my friend. One tip I give you is to deposit it only when you're sure you won't need it later. Wise words my friend
  7. Hello! I keep watching the results. If there is no number on the other side, I keep playing But it also depends on my balance, if I have already made a good profit, I make a withdrawal, stop for a while and continue later.
  8. Hello! I sure like to bet quickly and in a hurry. Although very dangerous, I find it tedious to play slowly. Incredible as it may seem, I've made a lot more money playing faster than slowly. But sometimes I play slow, I usually do it when I'm afraid to bet. With that I prefer to guarantee my profits before I lose them.
  9. Hello! I don't think new coins are needed. The ones available are the most used on most sites, so I don't think new currencies are good. But that's just my opinion
  10. Hello! I'm terrible at inviting people, lol. I don't have many friends who play casinos like me. The friends I know are from within the site, and sometimes they already know the other sites.