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  1. I would choose doge for sure, and seems like we all do. Personally I don't like xrp.
  2. well, that depends what you like to do and what have been working for yourself too. I, personally, enjoy this way. I personally reset it time to time too. But still think he's balance is small for what he's doing.
  3. It depends what you consider an hardcore primedicer and if I'm one in those terms, but I let dicebot run 24/7 and I always check my balance in the morning after wake up(after I get ready to go work), chat a bit and do my normal life with brakes to check it again during my day. But yeah, I come here every single day.
  4. 0.029 btc with a base bet of 40 sats it's not a big balance for a 99x. I play the 3.5x payout and I have a balance of at least 0.25 with a base bet of 124 sats, of course I have other settings to help it too. You should really rethink about your strategies. 😉
  5. It depends the loss, sometimes you did everything properly but you still lose because the casino is taking his part and using their advantage over you. The best is to learn how to judge if it was a loss because of your own mistake or one that you could not avoid.
  6. Bad luck is simply bad luck, even though I don't believe in luck. Luck is just a term used to literally say that you suffered a win or loss without knowing what facts made you lose or win. Beliving in luck is the same as beliving in Astrology.
  7. Yeah, greed made me loose a lot too But now, I'm autorolling 24/7 with a goal in mind and I'm feeling it helps with emotional part. I don't feel much about rolling, since it is consistent, If I'm gonna bust? Eventually I will, but I'm expecting my goal to be the that will make it not happening. Let's see what the future has to offer me! 😆
  8. I agree, but now I'm testing a nonstop strategy and so far so good. I've been autorolling for 72h and in a row. Autocontrol is a plus while dicing. Good luck everyone!
  9. First of all I'm sorry, I didn't read your first comment. Yeah he had a goal and mindset, he clearly say that he's goal was to get 3 ltc and his mind set would be whatever he was following/doing to get there, but most of the times when we get close, we forget about it. So, just trying to say to not let greed overcome his mindset he was in that got him that far and close to his goal.
  10. Wow, sorry to hear. Hope you recover. I feel you and understand why you didn't withdraw, but follow your mindset and goals till the end. Good luck! 😉
  11. Animations are a big distraction for players, but since I play on primedice I don't even need to remember to turn it off.
  12. Have your crypto holdings increase been successful? I hope it does, but in my expirience, the probability of decreasing is much higher. Have fun! 😉 I do not feel addicted, but that might be a symptom of my addiction lmao
  13. Welcome, welcome! Let's have fun and win some cryptos 😀
  14. That's easy to say online, but difficult to handle when it really happens IRL. Not many people will protect an ideal they have while facing prison or any other kind of punishment that takes part of their "freedom".