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  1. Update: Day 4 Current Balance: Sessions Hopping to reach this goal tomorrow. Let's goo!!! 😃
  2. Update: Day 3 Current Balance: Sessions Note: Yesterday I did not bet at all, spent all day with my friends because it was my birthday.
  3. I've to tell you, your risk is quite high! I normally only bet 0.1% of my balance. Plans are very important in the betting/investing/gambling world. Otherwise, it's easy to get greedy and lose it all.
  4. Normally I don't exchange, not because it's bad or anything like that. I am simply not used to do it.
  5. That's my biggest goal! Thank you 😀
  6. No, they don't know. Not because I don't want them, but only because we barely talk about what I do online.
  7. Update: Day 2 Current Balance: Sessions
  8. What do you expect? Casinos are a buisiness. They are here to make money, not to lose! If you know they always win and get mad about it, why do you put money in it?😂😂😂 You are funny 😂😆
  9. I did not. Where I live is far from the nearest casino and it would take me around an hour to get there.
  10. In a irl casino I've only went at 18, my countries legal age. I started way earlier, at around 15 years old, online and with friends at their places.
  11. I could share the strategy if I had one or two to use, the thing is I've areound 10 different strategies. I'm always changing the payouts in those strategies(in one strategy I play any payout as I see it useful at the time) and I try to randomize the timing that I play each one of them as much as I can. That timing affects the performance too and takes a lot of effort to keep track of it. This topic is supposed to be more focused in the rules and plan, than in the strategy itself. This is something that people don't think it's important, but makes a huge difference. Thank you for the support 😁
  12. Thank you, I'm really trying to focus and using this thread to help me out staying motivated during the proces. Let's go!! 😁 I'm trying to be all of those things for sure, a big challenge. The strategies varies, I use around 3 strategies per sessions, but it sometimes is more or sometimes is less. It really depends. Thanks for the support! Don't worry, I'm careful, I even wonder sometimes if that is possible in gambling, but I try 😂 I hope so, let's see how it goes. Thank you 🙂 Yeah, plans are always good, at least to keep you focused. Thanks you 😎 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Day 1 Current Balance: Sessions
  13. Yeah, I'll try. Hope my rules help me minimize the encounter with the red line 😂