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  1. Hahaha no way, that's amazing! What would you have done if you would have lost this bet? I do play 2x to quckly double (or slighly more 2.5 / 3x), somehow that works best for me. I have tried 1.01x to 1.05x plenty of times but lost too many times (in the 1st roll) 😕 1% chance 🙇‍♂️ .... Even like rolling 0coin bets upfront doesn't make it more predictable, which does work pretty well with 2x rolls. That's hardcore!! I don't care about being in the HR tab would love the payout tho
  2. So I'm actually wondering since I see quite some people taking pretty huge risks by betting big, but how profitable can it be? Let say for example that you have in total 10 ETH reserved for gambling, would you try (- or dare) to risk 1ETH at lets say a 2x payout in 1 roll? I mean the odds are 50/50 but if you watch the HR (High roller) tab, it seems like quite some people are lucky For me if I would have 10 ETH I would rather risk smaller amounts, i'm sure as soon as I try something like that I would get 10x reds in a row. (And some others do have more luck apparently and get 10x green). Betting a lot with small bets is sometimes a bit boring I can imagine that everyone playing dice performs a risky roll, perhaps not everyday but so now and then? Are you a risk taker? if so, do you prepare that (like after a good profitable winning streak or only with tipped coins). (The 1 ETH is just an example not everyone can have a lot of money to play around with, recently I saw someone betting 5BTC in 1 bet 🙈 and won... )
  3. Warning: To everyone without expierience using the Dicebot, be extremely carefull with all the settings you can adjust, things can go bad pretty easily. If you use the advanced "LUA" Script feature, make sure to only use scripts provided by the Official website. Make sure you understand each line of the script as there are maliciouse scripts out there that might steal your balance. I have the bot running with only small bets / less risky bets, next to that I use the manual roll to place higher / more risky bets.
  4. I had multiple accidents 😂 often when i've activated the hotkeys on the website and start to type in the chatbox. Suddenly start betting with a huge betting amount... but always lose, lol
  5. Nice to see! I'm running the bot non-stop! Are you using or creating LUA scripts? I've been working on a script which i'm running for over a week now. If have a Telegram group (Unofficial Seuntjie bot) chat, not sure if i'm allowed to share but would be a nice place to share idea's and such.
  6. It's actually a bit similar to Trading stocks / forex or cryptocurrencies, i think if you would prepare for each betting session with f.e. your target profit (- or max: loss) based on the total amount of coins you have. Track everything in your betting log file and do some analysis. but hey as soon as I'm on a winning spree I know exactly that I should stop now! But those streaks are so awesome, but as soon as the game turns around and you are betting high risk then it's often already too late to stop (especially if you keep trying to win back your "profits"). If you do that, just tip all your coins towards me Anyway without luck - prepping your games are also neve 100% reliable also check Seuntjie DiceBot for certain statistics (average loss streak or simulation runs). Just make sure you can afford to lose the money and keep on rolling... 🤡 Another thing you can do is to dive really in to certain betting- strategies (Something I havent really done). Just by losing a lot and playing around i figured that greed is your biggest enemy. Smaller bets are more steady compared to high risky bets (which is more fun tho).
  7. How about Xanax? Several bars make you feal chill and relaxed. Especially during dice game sessions! Losing 1BTC still laughing, losing 2.5 ETH, again just a joke... until you wake up and be like, wtf did i do. Nah just kidding, problem nowadays is that litterly everyone is in to their phones, the world isn't social anymore and (at least in my country) we live under a high- speed environment where everything needs to be done asap, people are all stressed out, on the steets, in traffic... Some countries especially in the Carrabien are just awesome. I think all the devices in our home's can't be healthy for us- ever since we have 3G/4G and overloaded 2,4Ghz WiFi bands i feel like i'm more stressed and have serious issue to get in to a deep sleep. But I've quite some equipment at home, but even if i would remove it still wouldnt make sense. (Time for) Imo Exercise is the best solution to depressions and your health in general, I did bodybuilding 10years ago i quit and I feel lazy, depressed and just tired. Should def do something before i'm 80 already, time flies ffs
  8. You can test this yourself, just provide users some loans 😁 there will be just a few people that actually pay you back (then you still can't trust them) scammers are sneaky bastards. They will pay you back the 1st time then demand a higher loan and dissapear. aaaand it's gone.... 😅