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  1. I wish this was a thing i wagered a little bit before this but not as much as u
  2. crileboy

    New user

    Welcome to PD enjoy your time here 😃
  3. crileboy


    Hello and welcome to PD hope u enjoy ur time
  4. Welcome im also a new user . i have had this account long as u and forgot bout it im also VIP on stake
  5. Good luck on this 😃 Remember not to chase ur losses
  6. crileboy

    I'm Back

    So i have decided to comeback on site i was playing a little bit back in 2019 on site and then switched to Stake but now i decided to go to Primdice a bit Was long time since i was on primedice happy to be back 😃
  7. I would never risk it . even though there is a very slow % of me losing there is always that chance of me losing everything and if i win i only get 1.01x of my bet . So my answer is no i wouldnt do it
  8. crileboy


    ok then t hx for the tips
  9. crileboy


    Hello Im New To The Forum I Use To Play Alot On Stake But Now Moving Over Here Too And Will Bet Here 😃