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  1. Beautiful memories at Christmas. When families meet. And the kids get gifts they are very happy to get a heart compilation gift to be a saint. They always come and ask can you grant my request. And finally I went home and tried to set 9900x dice and the result was waw 0.5 btc
  2. I also have never seen rolhunt with xrp. I often use doge for the rulhont
  3. really like you say we have to count first the number of our wins and losses at that time I also had 2300 doge I put 2 doge with confidence on review 450 I can increase my profits anywhere moved multiplied in primdice 9900x thanks primedice ...
  4. why I can't get a reward from the forum,,is there another way I have to do it
  5. ian10


    tonight I suffered a great defeat gusy
  6. primedice a very fun game a good game but i always lose if you guys have tips to be able to win thank you ... please input it gusy
  7. I've never gotten rain or rain btc