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  1. Bet: 37,046,410,544 placed by Gust4v0 on 18/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000010 Multiplier 495.00x Profit 0.00004940
  2. A good gambler is one who bets his head, bets what he can lose, takes the game for fun, not to make money, the dice will always have the upper hand, and if you believe you will get rich here is pure luck, it can work out how can't give but I believe that with patience one can make a good profit here
  3. love it, are cool to do and give us resources to improve on the site with the rewards, I believe this makes the site maiks happy, 😁😁
  4. I do not imagine how many can follow the primedice on social networks, follow on twiter and telegram, where sometimes I get some bonuses being vip on the site but every day I'm checking the challenges and trivia that occur there
  5. When I lose I get a little sad, but after a while I find the strength to start over and recover the lost, the frustration is fleeting, we can not be shaken by it, so lift your head and continue your dream that one day will reach the desired goal 😉
  6. For me to bet is a good way to relieve stress, because I feel good doing it, besides playing games, walking outdoors also help listening to music and drinking coffee is also a good idea 😉
  7. O sonho de ganhar dinheiro nos dices pode acabar em um piscar de olhos se nos deixarmos levar pelo emocional, já testei dezenas de estratégias, fiquei meses aprendendo a programar na linguagem lua para usar no dicebot, porém se a aposta for contínua sempre terá o mesmo fim, a quebra da banca. Hoje não penso em criar uma estratégia que nunca falhe, mas sim a que me proporcione maior lucro, com menos risco, que ao menos dobre a banca antes de quebrar. Sua estratégia pode durar meses mas acredite, irá quebrar, o dice sempre terá vantagem, jogar na sorte não é uma boa ideia.
  8. O que fazer após perder tudo? Vocês depositariam para tentar recuperar ou recomeçariam?
  9. could be a competition between players, it would be cool, say 10 players participate, so the organizer of the competition indicates a number for example 77 only the first 2 squares, the first 5 that hit remain in the competition, and those who don't hit are eliminated, As the number of players decreases, the difficulty increases, so when there are 5 left, a 1 digit number after the comma 77.7 is searched (example). The first 2 that hit are left and the rest are left. 2 squares after the comma 77.77 for example so the first to hit would be the winner. It's just a suggestion but each one with their creativity