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    MiaMia got a reaction from MrNice23 in My Challenge in Primedice!   
    good luck. let us know if you achieved and more importantly, how you achieved it
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    MiaMia reacted to Giveaway in 🏆 [0.1 BTC] Primedice & Chill: Gone in 60 Seconds   
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 6th September:
    CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account
    Congratulations to the 121 winners!
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    MiaMia got a reaction from JohnTravel in Strategy to play big payout   
    the strategy has pros and contras
    i'm hunting 3300x and so far it's going pretty well. but there has to be only one time of a real bad losing streak and i'll bust. and it takes a long time to gain 10, 20, 30% of the initial balance.
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    MiaMia got a reaction from JohnTravel in Multiplier   
    yes. unless i play for the challenge
    i sometimes try the martingale on 2x, but i suck at it. get too emotional and either want to bet bigger or cut the losses. 3300x all the way
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    MiaMia reacted to williamsh in How do you feel about these "Hosted Promotions"?   
    Heya everyone!
    So over the last week or two, I have noticed a large increase in the number of moderators doing promotions here in the forum. It ranges anywhere from chatting to mods, guessing numbers, chatting constructively etc. It seems like the moderators are all of a sudden all doing small giveaways for the community
    I personally love this! It is super fun to participate in some of them and it is a great way to get more people active and involved. Let me know what you all think about this.
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    MiaMia got a reaction from SEMPAXs in Challenges Difficulties Solved   
    1. Complete the challenges this week and link your comment from the challenge thread here. Let me know in the DMs if you need help with this.

    2. Explain what difficulties you encountered in this challenge? How long did it take you to complete it?
    i think it was not that difficult, but I think I was quite lucky in the end. i counted 9 possible outcomes, which is approximately a chance of 1/1000, times 3.
    so i expected to need ~3000 bets, but only needed like 1000 in the end  it took me less than 1 hour.
    the difficulty was remembering the exact possible numbers, but that was quite ok. it needs to be a challenge in the end anyway.
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    MiaMia got a reaction from JohnTravel in Multiplier   
    i'm hunting 3300x all the time
    so far i did not bust, but i'm betting small amounts, so i didn't win big either
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    MiaMia reacted to rembo2 in doubt raising bets because of different opinions   
    In such controversial cases or when I doubt where to strike, I always call my wife. Not the standard female thinking and advice in which direction to beat, very often brings me victory. But this is my personal method, as my wife is very lucky in gambling, although she never plays in them.
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    MiaMia got a reaction from MrNice23 in Gambling addict or Crypto Addict?   
    live casinos have a much higher house edge. i would feel ripped off setting foot in one.
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    MiaMia got a reaction from MrNice23 in Gambling addict or Crypto Addict?   
    i don't say i'm not using other ways, but i am not the person who clicks on ads for pocket change and i'm a terrible trader... so that leaves me with finding a suitable strategy on this site and hope i win more than i lose.
    if you have other suggestions, i'm all ear
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    MiaMia reacted to Dan in Guide to using the Primedice API   
    Using the Primedice API
    Graphql endpoint: https://api.primedice.com/graphql 
    You can authenticate with graphql via the http header. We utilise jwt token's for authentication which can be found via https://primedice.com/settings/tokens or for an unrestricted token (access to everything on your account) you can obtain it from your browser's local storage.
    Authenticated requests require that you use this token in your header by adding it to the "x-access-token" property.
    { "x-access-token": "token goes here" }  
    Our schema is now locked down and private. To help support developers, I have created this topic to provide assistance to those who would like insights into certain queries or mutations. When someone requests details for a certain aspect of the schema, I will append this topic with the relevant details required to conduct such a query or mutation.
    Terminology: With graphql, queries are the equivalent of a GET request, where you are asking for information to be returned, whereas a mutation is a POST request where you generally invoke an action.
    API Client
    When working with debugging queries using our API, theres a fair few API clients you can utilise to test that you are getting the responses you need. I currently use (and highly recommend) https://insomnia.rest/. It allows you to not only do standard REST requests with API's but also GraphQL requests. It's a great way to test that your queries are working before you throw them into your projects.
    Public Chats Query (search for all public chat channels) [Unrestricted]
    query { publicChats { id name } } Bet List Query (lookup a players bet history)  [Unrestricted]
    { user(name: "Dan") { houseBetList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier amount currency createdAt } } } } } Bet Info Query (lookup a specific bet)  [Unrestricted]
    { bet(iid: "house:32361565304") { id iid bet { ... on CasinoBet { game payout payoutMultiplier amount createdAt currency user { name } state { ... on CasinoGamePrimedice { result target condition } } } } } } Roll Dice (make a dice bet) [Authenticated]
    mutation { primediceRoll(amount: 1, target: 50, condition: above, currency: doge) { id payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier createdAt nonce } }  
    Please use this topic to submit a request on how to do a certain action with our API and I will ensure to get back to you with the necessary information.
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    MiaMia reacted to toohoola in Guide to using the Primedice API   
    I don't really understand why does it have to be private, since pretty much all info available from sources, we just have to dig it out, but I respect your decision.
    You should also remove the API button from the footer in that case.
    Also I have to note your roll dice mutation returns your internal DB id and not the roll id. If someone wants to look up the roll id they have to use a separate query:
    query Betiid($betId: String!) { bet(betId: $betId) { id iid } } I needed the Tip mutation, so here it is for those who might need it and don't want to waste time opening the sources:
    mutation SendTipMutation( $userId: String! $amount: Float! $currency: CurrencyEnum! $isPublic: Boolean $chatId: String! ) { sendTip( userId: $userId amount: $amount currency: $currency isPublic: $isPublic chatId: $chatId ) { id amount currency user { id name } sendBy { id name balances { available { amount currency } } } } }  
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    MiaMia got a reaction from Newtron in any best and effective strat?   
    there's no strategy that will always win... just try out different settings and see for yourself what works for you