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  1. A "race" of standing up basically, whith of two kids competing - who'd fall first. - I won anyway.. dno if thats the wierdest one but its up there.. lul
  2. Very good topic Shenaz! Have to think about that one too. Great job/writing as usual!
  3. Coffe+2cups oboy, or Tea, preferable some mango or tropical kind, or some proper english breakfast tea. But every ones in a while absolutely anything will go down
  4. They do indeed. They support me. With all my gambling, except when I play stupid, hihg or greedy. They have sense. Hope I'll get it too sooner rather than later
  5. Yea I play for both too. Mostly for fun tho. Dont need more monies. Centainly dont need less either tho XD but yea. for the fun of it and in lack of other stuff to do hence to physical injuries, some bad luck and choises along the way.
  6. ull bust adventually. but the way their could be profitable and if not too greedy, stop before bust. and only play with profit. but u need a plan. then u need following it too. No "max betting" perhaps. Thats a rule i break which also many times breaks bank too. Even on the 98%'ers. They way false security.
  7. Haha, yea id Go back in time false leg me as a jew. start a bank and hope on that train.. maybe infiltrate club of rome, and get hold of the entire indian ocean company, maybe in on the oil business sceme in the admiral states - making them from the poorest to the richest country fooling whole west world oil ran out. more or less.. Well, a lots o great money investments you could go back to.. or forward? But who knows what hell one will find there lol
  8. Do like manual or a good script. But both getting me busted so... the word "like" might in my case be somewhat lose meaning
  9. Was CB, but they make so I cant buy anymore. So prolly going to back to binance or w/e. Anyone have good suggestion?
  10. When people start out by "Free money" in any kind. And or "lend me money and I pay you back". Also theres some quiet clever systems/ppl out there. So to be safe, dont do it. Never. ONly with small amounts "tip" if u feel like want to be kind. But not more than it makes any changes in your life! Take care of yourselves first and your own gambling (addiction). Regards & best of luck all
  11. I did on DuckDice, but here i dont know how to actually, tried but cant find the button. And I prolly mess one support up a day with my daft questions lol. But it could be a great idea depending on patients, value etc. Keep on thinking ladies!
  12. Too much. Used spreadsheet in the beginning, But then I loss quiet big and then I got lazy with all the small nr's.. Should've stayed on it tho. But its in the 100 000's. dont wanna know exact nr's. But all you of in my shoes, hope you all recover soon enough. Better late then never. Wd when you can. Dont be to greedy Be smart about it too. at least try too. GL HF
  13. diebot lool. well, guess that's what your definition of winning is... but in terms of money, in most cases indeed the house wins. but if ur goal is only profit and u fulfill it; u win too? just meeting new people, and paying for the entertainment hopefully will give you value for it.. best of luck tho in future rolling
  14. Also more options in Auto Rolling, Options for avatar in profile? and perhaps a minimum button? XD