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  1. Bet: 32,664,068,770 placed by seacmun on 07/07/2019 Wagered 0.02700000 Multiplier 9.00x Profit 0.21600000 Bet: 32,664,210,691 placed by seacmun on 07/07/2019 Wagered 0.02700000 Multiplier 99.00x Profit 2.64600000 Bet: 32,664,547,811 placed by seacmun on 07/07/2019 Wagered 0.02700000 Multiplier 990.00x Profit 26.70300000
  2. I used to take part in the race, and I tried to reach the highest position. But this is very difficult and not easy to achieve the top 100 in the race. I advise you not to try to earn rewards from the race if you are not ready.
  3. While playing, I often turn off the sound because I don't like it. It made me feel uncomfortable. I was scared of the sound it made so if it was possible the development team could change its sound, this would be better.
  4. I will find and read some articles that share the reasons why I always lose in every bet. I hope to help me get closer to the victory, thank you.
  5. Drinking alcohol while gambling will make things worse when you meet lose streak and don't make the right decisions. That makes it difficult to control emotions and quickly go bankrupt.
  6. I'm not interested in Faucet because I know that what I get from it can't help me become rich. Don't use Faucet, recharge your account to open up a new opportunity.
  7. I always update news and new technology related to Bitcoin on this forum or the Bitcointalk forum. I think Bitcoin.com is not the best option. Bitcoin.org is where you can find all the most accurate Bitcoin-related information.
  8. All strategies always lead you to lose, so you need to change tactics continuously and don't use a plan for a long time. I often use 3 tactics at a time with different parameters with the rate of change after achieving my goal.
  9. I think this is not true. You can earn profits in a few days but not forever. Gambling is always at risk, so you will go bankrupt without controlling everything. All parameters based on the rate, so the risk is still there, you will go bankrupt at any time.
  10. I think I won't try this tactic because I'm not a lucky person. I often get a long losing streak and fail to win a big win over 5 with x4.xx. I think profits can earn this tactic less than what you are losing.
  11. No one knows exactly the daily profit of Primedice. I think the profit not fixed but it will be a vast number, there are many anonymous players making bets with enormous amounts of money every day.