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  1. Greeds not the problem, the problem is quitting when your playing quality starts to decline. If you start to get tired and lose focus or get bored and aren’t really thinking you’re just clicking away or get all excited because of winning or upset from losing and you’re not playing your best game anymore then that’s when you should stop and come back to it when you’re refreshed and clear headed. But other than that it’s just about bankroll management. If you get a nice win, withdraw part of it and continue with the rest. And if you bust what’s left, don’t just re-depo everything you withdrew, deposit it back across several buyins. Important thing to remember is that you can only lose what’s in your balance, and anything in your balance is at risk, nomatter how well you’re playing or how “in control” you think you are.
  2. Best was one time when I did a 0.00006 btc rain to 0.5btc a couple years ago. I don’t feel like I can muster that same patience anymore though — mostly I just yolo rain these days on some high playout, or let it accumulate until it’s like $1 before I’ll grind it.
  3. Uhhhhh yeah man, emotions are a balance killer — whether they’re positive or negative emotions. That’s what you gotta shut em off and clear your head of any outside bs IRL so that it doesn’t interfere with your playing ability.
  4. Because I’m a degen. There are no other alternatives.
  5. Yes, I have a bottle full of these little orange amulets called adderall that I use when I play.
  6. Agree 100% mate. That’s why adderall is a gambler’s best friend. Takes your game to new heights. Too many players are lazy though and want to gamble to escape & just turn their brain off. They don’t want to think, they just click away till all their balance is gone. This is why most player only lose.
  7. Uppers fosho. Adderall = dice at its finest. I don’t even like gambling when I don’t take it. But I’m a full-fledged degen when I do
  8. Degen till I die 🥳 I have a very keen degeneradar, so to answer your question — “how do you identify if someone is addicted to gambling?” — simple, just ask your uncle Tommy. 😁 Now, let’s get to the fun part — start naming names — make a list of the degen suspects in question, and let’s turn this thread into a good, old-fashioned witch-hunt! 🧙🏼‍♀️ ... Only jokes, guys, jeez... just trying to liven the mood a bit... 😑 In all seriousness, everyone on here for the most part is addicted. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. Sure there are exceptions — like the randos, who join us for a few weeks until their pockets are empty and they peace the fk out and don’t look back, or the select few players who stick around year after year for the social aspect, but can take it or leave it as far as the gambling goes. However, the rest of us stick around for better or worse (or even worse or much much worse, or really fkn awful, rock-bottom, can’t possibly get any worse, worse), because we don’t have any other option. I mean, technically there are other options available to us, but it feels as if we are predestined to take only this path, and there’s nothing we can do to sway its course. No matter how bad it gets, and despite the toll that it takes on all of the other areas of our life, we can’t not “stick around” — it’s a relentless compulsion, and no amount of good intentions, regrets, or desire for a different life stand a chance to oppose its power and the hold it has on us. The rest of us are all unquestionably degen addicts. Coming to that realization and taking measures to manage it as best as possible is the only way to ensure that it doesn’t ruin you, and the only chance we have at maintaining some semblance of a normal life outside of this. Managing it is by no means easy, and the best way to manage it varies from person to person — for some, managing it may mean embracing it, and putting safeguards in place to enforce your limits when you can’t rely on your own self-control; alternatively, for others managing it may entail giving it up altogether, and attempting to live a (perhaps boring) life of gambling sobriety, perpetually struggling to resist the urge to depo. In any case, the important thing is to acknowledge the addiction, and handle it’s existence in a way that works for you. This is the only sustainable approach. The alternative — living in denial, attempting to keep up appearances IRL, trying to convince others (and fooling yourself) that you have it under control, etc. — is a slippery slope. This mindset is so dangerous, and the outcome of operating under this mindset is never pretty. All of that is to say, if you gotta ask “how do I know if I’m addicted?”, you most likely are. So in light of this, rather than taking the time to deliberate on whether or not your behavior classifies you as a textbook gambling addict (meanwhile leaving the possibility open that you’re not one, as well), the better approach is to reject the option of living in denial from the get-go, come to terms with this part of yourself, and invest this time and energy into gaining a better understanding of your own personal struggle with gambling, and the aspects of the experience that leave you at risk. If you can isolate the areas of the activity that lead to the more unhealthy behavior — the pitfalls that transform what might otherwise be a perfectly harmless pasttime into a destructive addiction — you can reinforce these vulnerabilities (to an extent), and begin to move back toward a healthier, more balanced version of gambling. Not everyone will be able to find a sustainable way to continue engaging in gambling, and ultimately for some the only way to avoid blowing up their whole life in the long-term is to abstain from it completely. Even still, this exercise in self-reflection, and search for actionable steps toward controlling the chaos surrounding an unhealthy relationship with gambling and minimizing the destruction it causes would be valuable for anyone struggling with problem gambling, and is move in the right direction. Anyway, to put it simply, you gotta make peace with your inner-degen sooner or later; otherwise, it will destroy you.