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  1. Thanks to all! You guys are lovely people. 🥰
  2. I lost 85% of it later on 😅😅😅
  3. Hey my name is Neringa. I’m from Lithuania and I been playing primedice since the start of it. I’m not very active on the chat but I might be if I find new friends 🥰😻😍
  4. Hello all 🥰🙄 Good luck bye the way 👌🏻
  5. Idk I just deposited like 0.12 ltc to my other Acc. Went up to 2 ltc then withdrew it to my main account. And from there went up in like an hour. Then obviously the house ruined me. 😂👌🏻
  6. I’m not really new been gambling for years. I think the problem is that I only gamble when I’m drunk, and you know when person is drunk there is no responsibility. I guess.
  7. By the way went up to 15ltc from 0.12 then lost nearly all 😂 never get greedy!
  8. My first post on Forum! Hello everyone 🙄😎