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    I think this depends on your bankroll and on your strategy. Some people just like to play the game super fast and either they make a quick profit or they bust their balance in a very short time. Other people enjoy playing slowly and for a long period of time, placing every bet manually. I'm also playing manually because I don't see the point of playing on auto, there is no satisfaction in that and you don't get to enjoy the game that much 
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    Honestly, if we are talking about records then I would say the record I want to beat is for the biggest jackpot ever won by a person at a lottery. I think that would be enough for me to retire from gambling and just live the live that I want without having to work anymore. I guess I'm in a dream right now as I'm writing this post but hey you gotta dream big in life if you want to achive big things
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    That's often happens to people that are new to gambling and I hope you have learned something from that. Be happy with the profit you have made and just withdraw it and take a break. Being greedy is one of the worst things when gambling because it always leads people to losing money.