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  1. I remember you from Stake forum because you used to do a ton of giveaways there. Glad to see you also doing it on Primedice.
  2. The vault doesn't help you a lot if you don't know how to control yourself. Because funds from vault can be withdrawn immediately after you deposit them so it won't protect your from gambling your balance if you really want to do it. I think this is a disadvantage for addicted gamblers that can't handle their feeling to gamble when they have funds in their balance. And practically your coins are still in the balance of your account, the only difference is that they appear in your vault
  3. Obviously, this kind of information is confidential and no one other than the admin and moderators has access to it. I'm wondering if there is any way you could calculate this since pretty much all bets made on primedice are public, there should be some kind of way to calculate the total amount of coins wagered and the profit loss ratio of the website. Anyway, I'm not good at doing this kind of stuff so I'll have to keep guessing
  4. I think this depends on your bankroll and on your strategy. Some people just like to play the game super fast and either they make a quick profit or they bust their balance in a very short time. Other people enjoy playing slowly and for a long period of time, placing every bet manually. I'm also playing manually because I don't see the point of playing on auto, there is no satisfaction in that and you don't get to enjoy the game that much
  5. Vault is not a good option for me and that's because your funds are not locked there and you can get them back at any time you want. The vault would be much better if you could just lock it for a certain period of time and not be able to withdraw your funds from there so this way even if you get tempted to gamble it there is no way to get that balance until that period of time is over. But I guess withdrawing it or keeping it in the vault is kind of the same thing because with both you can still get it bakc in your balance and gamble it if you want.
  6. Obviously sports betting gives you a better chance of winning but with casino gambling you have a chance at winning more. The thing is with sports betting it is quite easy to double or triple your money but it is extremely hard to win x100 or so. When playing on casinos you usually aim for bigger wins, like hundreds of x's and that can be achieved much more easily when playing a casino game instead of playing at sports book.
  7. Well, to be honest if I would have the required bankroll I could gamble for at least 10-12 hours in a row. I always set a goal at the beginning of my gambling session and don't stop until I either reach my goal, may balance is down to 0 or I'm extremely tired and can't gamble anymore but that happens very rarely and usually when I come to that point I will just increase the bet to finish the job faster so in the end I would still get to one of those first 2 scenarios. The most I remember I play was around 10 hours straight at slots in a casino and I stopped just because the casino was not nonstop and it was closing at a certain time. Thought about going to another casino but after sitting 10 hours in a God damn chair surely all I wanted to do is get home and lay in bed.
  8. I don't use chat very often and thats because I'm kind of a new player and everytime I go to the chat I see people talking with each other and if I write something everyone will just ignore it. Talking about fights and arguments in the chat I have to admit that I've seen some but never cared about it because I usually don't get into this kind of useless fights.
  9. First thing that comes into every person minds when you think about this scenario is obviously to just keep the bitcoin you received and thank God for this free money. If that happens to me I will try and find where that come from and what happened because the person who send it might need that money more than I do. Anyway the chances are you are not going to find much about it and you are still going to keep the money but you still have to try and find what the heck is going on. Besides that if we are talking about a big amount of money you will surely receive a good rewards for returning it and everyone is happy at the end.
  10. Most of the times I like to keep my bet the same during my whole gambling session and thats because when I usually increase the bet at the middle of my session problems appear and I start losing a lot more. I think a good strategy is to always keep your bet at the same level. For example you can bet 0.5% or 1% of your bankroll each time. When you successfully doubled your initial bankroll then you can also double your bet but if you get back to your initial bankroll then you also decrease the bet. The whole point is to keep your bet at the level that you choose at the beginning wich in my opinion should be around 0.5%-1% for each bet or even lower if your bankroll is very high.
  11. 1)Mostly as a hobby but in the same time I'm also trying to make some money 2) I knew that before I've even started gambling but after I started playing I kind of got addicted and can't stop 3)No 4)Badic math you learn in basic school 5) it's great that you can make so much money while also having fun. The funny part is that most of us are losing money instead of making more 6)They become addicted and them slowly they start losing more and more money
  12. I think I know what app you are talking about and I've been personally used it but it doesn't pay as much as it says. So no worth it even if it's free