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  1. i do that with doge , i wait patiently for the long red streaks of 20-30 reds depending on the multiplier then switch to a higher coin like bch , it works for me everytime , but realy depends cause sometimes after 20-30 reds higher reds will come , i start will small bets and i see it everytime.
  2. Depends on the situation bro , if im using a very small base bet and hit a very high multiplier i continue as long as my balance can take it , i usually stop in between sessions and check my balance once in a while , but if hit in a row ill probably stop cause for sure incoming reds. Then continue again later but lessen the high multiplier.
  3. Same here brother , i learn English in English chat than in school in my country , interacting with English language users trains you to speak English, the longer you stay with them the easier you can comminicate with them , i'm really thankful to the community of PD and Stake as i can get free English training. In my country going to English class is very very expensive , before i only know a few words of English and i cant express my feeling throught it, now i can say i improved a bit cause i can join forums and share my thoughts to people.Thank you everyone and have a blessed day ahead!
  4. Going for quick bets without proper strategy will end up in losing the balance , for me personally i go for betting slowly if im on manual as i can observe the pattern of my seed for that day . Most of the time slow betting works for me as i can reorganize my self from time to time , quick bets is when you can afford to lose everything and feel that its your lucky day.SO yeah for me slow betting benefits me.
  5. I usually use vault to keep profits or bankroll for the next day , but when i suddenly deicded to stop and at least enjoy the profit i withdraw to my wallet , yep withdrawal is when your stopping , vault is when you still want to play the next day or the other time.
  6. Yes sometimes i abandon my strategy if i keep losing with it , . Some of the previous strategy suddenly works and some new ones you will think of instantly bust you. So before i wager i preroll for a bit with small bets , getting the feeling and reorganizing my strategy , after a while thats where i bet comfortably using the strategy i planned.
  7. I set a certain amount of crypto for the day for gambling , if i set up 500 doge for the day ill jsut use that and try to make profit with it , i try my best not to bust and accept a small profit because i have a small bankroll , if by the end of the day if i profit, i vault the profit and use the remaining balance for the next day , regardless of whats left from that 500 doge i use it next day until it gets bust , then thats the time i deposit another 500 doge.
  8. Yep everytime i lose and bust i reflect to it and talk to myself , mostly the reason is greed.Now i try to control my greed.
  9. Hello there , My biggest red streak at dice 51% win chance is 17 reds , luckily my basebet for doge is small, and recovered , wondering if its in major coins then instantly bust i think. Goodluck