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    protonRockit reacted to Noeprellik1 in What do you do when you lose all your coins?   
    Untill now I never lose all my coins and I hope in the future I will not lose it. But the worst scenario if I have to lose it, I will depo a little and try to slow recovery
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    protonRockit reacted to JohnTravel in What do you do when you lose all your coins?   
    Life in the casino has its ups and downs, and I believe this holds true for all kinds of people, rich and poor.
    Today's story and analysis of the moment is as follows: You must have had a great time in the quall you could collect many coins or a great amount to even make rains, distribute coins to some people, or make money, cash out and keep earning more. This is known as the good time, or fat cow time and many other titles.
    But the question that remains is: And when you lose, and you lose until you lose all your coins. What do you do when you lose all your coins? Do you make more deposit? Do you run into faucets and stay there collecting coins until you can put them together to make a small deposit? Do you stay in the chat talking like a pirate boat parrot or a marketplace advertiser to get people's attention and get some people money or rainbot? Or do you send private messages to friends, to strangers, and run the risk of being denounced by beggar to get some money? Or do you quit the game, watch a movie, and try your luck the next day using the casino's own faucet? Do you do anything different?
    Or have you never lost all your coins?
    Note that the issues and situations are many, some even lose a lot and panic, depression, talk a lot of nonsense, offend other people, scandalize the site scam, lose their emotional balance because in some cases the loss is gigantic, they think until they give up, but soon they return.
    I've been through this, by the way, this has not happened once, but 8 times so far I've been through this bad situation. And today was no different, I went to knockout, lost, but I know I'm ready for another, because that's the spirit of a casino player.
    Today I lost little, but I never like to lose, but as a good player, I accepted defeat and I'm going to take a break, but soon I'll come back to tell you more stories and to know about your stories.
    Share with us your journey in this wonderful casino that is primedice, the best online casino in the world.