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    Usukinato got a reaction from mgunita25 in how do you balance gambling and personal life?   
    To adjust life and gambling to be balanced, I often set up a work schedule for the day. I only gamble when I have completed all the things that I have listed, which helps you balance your life and gambling.
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    Usukinato got a reaction from protonRockit in what is the purpose of your gambling?   
    I gamble for finding comfort after long, tiring days after hours. Primedice is also a platform to find friends to enjoy with the big community. I love gambling, and I love Primedice.
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    Usukinato got a reaction from MrNice23 in My Biggest Mistake   
    I made a stupid action a few days before I had 0.0018 BTC, but the minimum withdrawal rate was 0.002. So I bet all in 1.2x , and the bad thing happened.