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  1. There is no strategy to keep winning in the long run. It's all based on luck. Martingale can be good sometimes and can make you some profit but I think you need to be careful when to use it and be aware that you'll probably bust a lot trying to recover a small amount that you originally lost.
  2. I think they just don't want us to know how much we've lost, so we don't decide to leave Although I agree, I don't know why they would of removed this?
  3. Greed gets the best of me every time There's been a few times I've managed to reach 200k sat from rains but I always try and get more and eventually bust. Managed to get 0.04btc from 10k rain but decided to go big to win big and failed Since losing that 0.04, I've decided that I vault my coins and just leave them until I reach 0.01 and then will withdraw. Id rather withdraw more than the min so I don't lose on the fees.
  4. I love XRP, cheap coin that's really fun to play with I think primedice is so much better now that you can bet with different coins, I hate having to use a exchange service because of the fees Haven't had much luck with XRP yet, hopefully I'll be able to recover and hit big with it. I definitely think the price of XRP will rise.
  5. I think it's because Bitcoin started it all, it was the first crypto currency and because of how the price has been over the last few years it's gained the most interest. I wasn't even aware of alt coins until I gained interest with bitcoins 😂
  6. I'm guilty of it, I always say to myself that once I reach my target, I will withdraw but usually tend to carry on playing. I like to vault my profit and say to myself that I will not take it out unless I withdraw it. I usually find myself busting my balance and withdrawing from the vault to recover, sometimes it works, but when I bust everything I always regret not withdrawing. I find that if I am playing with a deposit I play safer and will try and withdraw as soon as I have made profit that I am happy with, although if I am playing with profit, I don't feel as bad when I bust.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's still working? I've seen it a couple of times in the chat recently. I must admit I love it when people give chatbot some abuse and it give it back 🤣 some of the comebacks are brilliant.
  8. I'm the same, I've been playing at primedice for around 3 years, although I must admit I preferred it back when Bitcoin was a lot cheaper than it is today, used to get 2k sat faucet which was really fun to play with. I just wish I actually made some profit from it 😂 I really enjoy playing here and the site has improved a lot over the years. Love how you can now play with different coins. Unfortunately, still haven't made any profit here but I say hopefully that I'll be able to recover all my losses.
  9. It's a jackpot, it's meant to be hard to hit, I think you'd have to be a high roller and win it by chance, but I don't see why you would try to hunt this, the odds are so slim. I've heard it's been hit a couple of times but the wager has always been too low. I've also always wondered if anyone has won by running an autobet or something and not actually noticed that they have won 😂 I know there's a lot of people who just leave autobet running and not take any notice to what numbers are coming up. It's going to be a while before anybody hits it, if not at all Especially with it being self report.
  10. I always switch the strategies up and play different payouts but depending on how the game goes and what numbers I roll, I will sometimes stop and abandon strategy like you say. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it don't but that's how I like to play.