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    duggerd got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Only luck will make you win or that you need to have a good strategy?   
    In my opinion, we need to have more luck because the tactics are good and there are stops
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    duggerd got a reaction from MrNice23 in Which coin do you use the most in Primedice ?   
    I use btc the most because I'm hold btc. Sometimes I use eth
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    duggerd got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Martingale Strategy....   
    I also used martingale but I was afraid of losing money so I only took a little profit that I stopped.
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    duggerd reacted to CaptainLorca in Watching the High roller tab   
    just recently the amount of HR watchers increased a lot. Side note: that’s highly suspicious.
    i don’t know.. sometimes I feel like i‘m In a Football Stadium. I mean.. it’s great when people win a lot and what not. But it’s reaching levels with the cheering.. that it becomes veeeeery crazy, imo.
    what is behind that? I don’t understand why people get so freaky about it. Sure I take a look every now and then and be like „oh doode, yeah...“ or „oh shit!“. But then I leave it and carry on with my own misery.
    maybe some people can enlighten me on this.. so.. explain :)!