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    hubinator got a reaction from LuluBot in API graphql doesn't work   
    If You go to query API page (https://api.primedice.com/graphql) You will get message "GET query missing.".  You can't do anything, it's just this message there.
    This happened after recent update (XRP was added).
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    hubinator got a reaction from MrNice23 in Girls/Women in Primedice   
    Woman are to thoughtful and prudent to risk money by gambling. That way there are so little on casinos (comparing to man).
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    hubinator got a reaction from Newtron in any best and effective strat?   
    There is no good strategy in long term. Most popular is martingale, but here aplenty of others.
    Most important things that don't play big at the beginning ofyour journey with with gambling. Learn strategies using small amount of money and low max bet limits. Don't lose all your money in your first day. The more You play, the higher chances of hitting like 24 reds in row on 49.5 chances. Auto bet will help You to make high amount of bets, where odds of losing 25 bets in a row at 49.5000%: Once every 26164687. It's impossible to hit? Yeah, right...
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    hubinator got a reaction from Dan in Dice Destruction!   
    Bet: 32,355,611,822
    placed by hubinator on 27/06/2019
    0.00010000 Multiplier
    2.00x Profit
    Sorry. I forgot that I switched preferences to anonymous.
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    hubinator got a reaction from MrNice23 in XRP in Primedice!!!   
    Monero on PD it's great idea.
    Adding another coin to PD is also great idea, even if personally I don't have ripples, cause I don't believe in that project so much to invest my money there. Yes, I know that is top3 coin on market, but if I would chose between Monero and Ripple, I would chose Monero.
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    hubinator reacted to DreamStage in What requirements are necessary to receive rain from RAINBOT?   
    Well first of all you have to earn your place and show yourself to both mods and the community that you are a trusted person, not alt account for example and you do in fact want to provide activity and knowledge (contribute) on the Forum (considering the 3k sat per post and you just want to get some satoshis without providing quality content in return).
    About the rain bot it's kinda the same thing: You need to be (active) Primedice gambler for a certain amount (i believe) and contribute to the chat. Also if i remember correctly you can not be at rainbot's black list (ban one and trusted user, probabily after achieving a certain wagering you want to contact @hui if you never get it in the future).
    Start building your reputation for everyone to see you are a contributor and trusted gambler.
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    hubinator reacted to Wtfjim in XRP in Primedice!!!   
    I hope they add Monero. From a utility perspective I think it's the most useful coin which is not yet a part of PD.  But psyched they added ripple, even though as a crypto I could care less for it. 
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    hubinator got a reaction from DreamStage in Lots of Sites Down - Global Issue   
    I love this kind of forum fighters
    1'st - My statement was assumption (question mark at the end of sentence and smiley face indicate it). Being not polite in first replay - "You have no clue what you are talking about" could indicate issue with communication skill. It also suggest that replay will not have any meaningful content. Let's continue to more useful information exchange.
    2'nd - About coinhive dns hack:
    Cloudfire said that day:
    If you don't see any potential relation, than I can't do anything about this. Sorry.
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    hubinator reacted to DreamStage in Lots of Sites Down - Global Issue   
    Read me this again load and clear so we can all hear from you: https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/
    Now associate me ROUTE LEAK FROM 2019 with DNS HACK from 2017
    “The cause for this incident was an unsecure password for our Cloudflare account that was probably leaked with the Kickstarter data breach back in 2014,” said Coinhive.
    Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_delivery_network Holy fuck....
    Cloudflare caches your site and shows it to requested ips... (Users you and me when you access the page)
    A BGP route leak occurs when a provider advertises unintended paths over which to route internet traffic. They are usually accidental.
    From: https://www.itnews.com.au/news/route-leak-causes-internet-problems-worldwide-527205 (Cloudflare leak, not the DNS Owner...)
    A route leak is the propagation of routing announcement(s) beyond their intended scope. That is, an announcement from an Autonomous System (AS) of a learned BGP route to another AS is in violation of the intended policies of the receiver, the sender, and/or one of the ASes along the preceding AS path. The intended scope is usually defined by a set of local redistribution/filtering policies distributed among the ASes involved. Often, these intended policies are defined in terms of the pair-wise peering business relationship between ASes (e.g., customer, transit provider, peer). For literature related to AS relationships and routing policies, see [Gao], [Luckie], and [Gill]. For measurements of valley-free violations in Internet routing, see [Anwar], [Giotsas], and [Wijchers]. The result of a route leak can be redirection of traffic through an unintended path that may enable eavesdropping or traffic analysis and may or may not result in an overload or black hole. Route leaks can be accidental or malicious but most often arise from accidental misconfigurations. The above definition is not intended to be all encompassing. Our aim here is to have a working definition that fits enough observed incidents so that the IETF community has a basis for developing solutions for route-leak detection and mitigation.
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    hubinator got a reaction from DreamStage in Lots of Sites Down - Global Issue   
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    hubinator got a reaction from DreamStage in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    Can we know how AI is used?
    Does PD ever tries to find server seed for next user bet, so it will "red" ,if user will not change client seed?
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    hubinator got a reaction from Chikou1306 in Does PrimeDice use the "artificial intelligence " ?   
    Can we know how AI is used?
    Does PD ever tries to find server seed for next user bet, so it will "red" ,if user will not change client seed?
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    hubinator got a reaction from hui in Primedice as the main wallet ?   
    Keep your bitcoins in your wallet, to which you have private keys, like PC or laptop. Best thing to do is to deposit to casino (i.e. PD), gamble, win and deposit back to you own bitcoin client. There were plenty of situations that exchange or casino was hacked from outside (or by insider ) and people lost a lot of money. Don't be that person, learn from mistakes that other people did.
    If you really want to store btc on PD, I would deposit minimum, not all of your coins. Even if PD team is honest and have a great dev skills (which personally I believe), there could be person that would do nasty things and PD couldn't do anything about this.
    EDITED: Hui posted before I finished writing which was interrupted by my kids, so I wanted to add, that Hui wrote exactly same thing. "Be your own bank",
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    hubinator reacted to hui in Primedice as the main wallet ?   
    Even with PD being one of the most trusted sites and existing so long (and I am obviously a huge friend of the site) I strongly believe using ANY online-service to hold your coins is not a good idea:
    It goes against the most fundamental principle of Cryptocurrency - "Be your own bank". When you use any online service you rely on them, introducing a(nother) single point of failure. You don't even have to think of the owner running away with your coin (for PD they would be really stupid to do that, since the site constantly and reliably creates valuable income). A simple Internet outage, a man-in-the-middle or a phishing attack, your country blocking the site etc. etc. would all set you to the situation of not having access to your coins.
    tl;dr: You coins are only yours when you have direct, immediate control over them without the need for any third party.
    That all being said, I think for gambling money that you would deposit to PD sooner or later anyway or that is an amount you can afford to lose it might be a viable option nonetheless. Just think twice about it.
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    hubinator got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Races   
    Agree. Usually casino wins in this case.
    I have some questions about races:
    1. How often is the race per week?
    2. What does normalized wagered mean?
    3. What is the best strategy to get best wager in 1h and have a small chance to be busted?
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    hubinator got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Races   
    Thanks a lot for the answer. I also agree, that if You don't have resources (enough btc) to fight with whales, You will just lose all your coins trying to catch them in race.
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    hubinator got a reaction from williamsh in Primedice Races   
    Thanks a lot for the answer. I also agree, that if You don't have resources (enough btc) to fight with whales, You will just lose all your coins trying to catch them in race.
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    hubinator reacted to williamsh in Primedice Races   
    The races are randomly announced - but usually once per day (maybe more). Normalised means if you wager in other currencies, then it is converted to bitcoin (so you can  wager in any coin), Finally, there is no best strategy. I never partake in the races, because I know I will lose more money than I will gain. There is no point competing with whales, as @sheenlove said, which I 100% agree with.
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    hubinator got a reaction from AHCareP in Ever been in a pump and dump experience ?   
    I learned pump&dump in hard way. It was at the beginning of my cryptocurrency journey. I bought BTC on pump and sold on dump with obvious loss of money. I was pissed that time and stop doing anything related to crypto. Then my friend told me that is natural cycle on every exchange, not only in crypto coins. So I started watching how the market behave, but I still don't play for events like this, but rather for long term. I believe that bitcoin (or different coin) will be worth millions in the feature.
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    hubinator got a reaction from AHCareP in What cryptocurrencies to pay attention in 2019-2020?   
    The king is only one - Bitcoin. There are plenty of coins that offer some solutions to bitcoin downsides and hundreds of shitcoins that only want's to steal money from investors. Year ago I would say to look for the projects that has a great team behind it. Experienced developers could bring really innovative product on the market and still some BTC dominance.
    Today dev team is not so important as MARKETING. Shity projects with good marketing are making money for investors. Sad but true. Good marketing will attract investors, this will increase price, growing price will attract other people to the project. If You invest in the begging You could make easy 500%.
    From my perspective I would wait until BTC will achieve something like 50k dollars and then invest into some alt coin. Why 50k You could ask. Let refresh this topic in June 2020
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    hubinator got a reaction from Katarina in How to get chat messages using API?   
    It works. Thanks a lot Katarina.
    If somebody got "Your API key doesn't have the permission to do this." then remove access token from headers. Adding access token to Unrestricted call causes this error.
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    hubinator reacted to Katarina in How to get chat messages using API?   
    Hey there! 
    I don't have any knowledge in this, but @Dan created a topic on this on our sister-site Stake.com so I just copy-pasted it here. I hope it will help.  
    And if this is not it actually, I hope Dan will be willing to explain.  
    Take care!  
    Send Message Mutation (sends a message to a chat channel)  [Authenticated]
    mutation { sendMessage(chatId: "chat_id_goes_here", message: "message_goes_here") { id user { name } } }  
    Public Chats Query (search for all public chat channels) [Unrestricted]
    query { publicChats { id name } } Bet List Query (lookup a players bet history)  [Unrestricted]
    { user(name: "dan") { betList(limit: 50, offset: 0) { iid game payout amountMultiplier payoutMultiplier amount currency createdAt } } } Roll Dice (play stakes dice game) [Authenticated]
    mutation { diceRoll (amount: 1, target: 50, condition: above, currency: doge) { iid payout currency game nonce } }  
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    hubinator got a reaction from UltraChief in Hi gamblers   
    I joined PD year ago, but haven't played a lot at that time. Now I'm going back into the gambling. I like PD cause of constant flow in chat and great site support.
    I play with BTC, which I'm afford to lose, so gambling makes mi happy even when I'm not lucky. Good luck to all and have fun gambling!