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  1. From some time we are missing user balance data in roll API response. It not always like that. I can roll 1050 and then it starts to response without user key in json. I bold the missing part. {'data': {'primediceRoll': {'id': 'f2fe32f6-2bb8-4d5b-9f2b-4becbf263dc9', 'nonce': 4960498, 'currency': 'xrp', 'amount': 8.19e-06, 'payout': 0.0081081, 'state': {'result': 99.99000000000001, 'target': 99.89, 'condition': 'above'}, 'createdAt': 'Thu, 29 Aug 2019 19:00:03 GMT', 'serverSeed': {'seedHash': 'f73aa4846e189034563b33304d001861462204f1933f83f7777b4b83e1fe489e', 'seed': None, 'nonce': 4960498}, 'clientSeed': {'seed': 'LtZEgk'}, 'user': {'balances': [{'available': {'amount': 0.00422488150606368, 'currency': 'bch'}}, {'available ....
  2. I'm testing all my strategies using doge. I also store all roll values in database and run simulator on saved bets using plenty of strategies. It gives me nice information about what profit I would have if I would play this strategy at that time. I'm suing plenty of different strategies and parameters for them. To run all of them I need 90 hours (1.6 millions of saved bets). I can tell You that there are not so many strategies that are profitable in long run. All the time new bets arrive and sometimes they bring bets sequence that will kill your strat that was profitable. Changing strategy would help, but then again you could use second strategy in worst time, when the profit goes down (even in average time this strat is profitable). It's really hard to find best strategy or combinations of strategies that will bring You a profit in 1 month of auto betting. But humans like challenges. That's why we are here
  3. Clear browser cache and restart browser. Do You hide your bet? They should be public to get your name.
  4. Never ever gamble while being drunk. Alcohol changes temporary behavior. You are feeling over confident and then You are not listening what your guts are telling, but You believe that You will be lucky. I lost so many money cause of this, that I would be driving lambo today. Just don't do it. Plays some games or go to sleep. Don't even try to troll in chat, even for second, cause You will finish betting anyway. Just DO NOT DO THIS.
  5. You have not shared information if this is boy or girls. Usually there is already a difference. I guess 7.8 lb.
  6. There is no good strategy in long term. Most popular is martingale, but here aplenty of others. Most important things that don't play big at the beginning ofyour journey with with gambling. Learn strategies using small amount of money and low max bet limits. Don't lose all your money in your first day. The more You play, the higher chances of hitting like 24 reds in row on 49.5 chances. Auto bet will help You to make high amount of bets, where odds of losing 25 bets in a row at 49.5000%: Once every 26164687. It's impossible to hit? Yeah, right...
  7. Bet: 32,482,008,487 placed by hubinator on 02/07/2019 Wagered 0.01050000 Multiplier 50.00x Profit 0.51450000
  8. Check youtube for tutorial of using bots. There are some of them.
  9. Jackopt, like it is now, will not attract new users. Nobody ever hit double 77.77 with both minimum requirements of btc. So how it will attract new user if nobody ever hit it? Probably it will never happen. Also rising price of bitcoin doesn't encourage to even start hunting fo jackpot. In my opinion chance of getting jackpot should be somehow higher with reduced reward of course.
  10. My assumptions that bitcoin will be worth 50k-70 dollars are just because how bitcoins rises and go back to lower lever. We had 12 time bitcoin bubble. That's right, 12. Each time bitcoin reach new ATH ("All Time High) which usually is couple of times higher than last ATH, then he again drops. So technical analysis says that for the next 1 year bitcoin will rise, then he will drop again. It maybe extend the time frame, cause each period (bull and bear market) is longer than previous one. Another thing, that half (56%) of human civilization doesn't have access to internet. Yep, it's really nice to live in big cities, but there are plenty of people that really don't have access to internet, so they definettly don't know what is bitcoin. What do You think will happen when they figure out, that they don't have go to bank or post office to send somebody money to different city/country? It will build awernes in civilization so the bitcoin will slowly rise, like it's happening throw his all existence. The spikes to new ATH are because people want to make pump and rice bitcoin value, so they can sell at proper time. Add FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and bitcoin price sky rockets. This happens all the time, it's now 13 cycle of bitcoin life. We are in the beginning of a bull market. The next one will be in ..... hmmm.... 10 years from now? I'm just guessing here. Those 10 years is really long shoot. Don't relay on what I just wrote. Use own brain, cause it's your money at the end.
  11. We have 8 digits to use, so we should be fine. It will be no surprise if 1 btc will be worth 1 million and salary You will receive in satoshi. I don't know if until it happen, the another coin will be so good an popular to take out bitcoin from the throne. We will see (or our kids).
  12. Not all altcoins have 64 HEX characters for private key. BTC, etherium, ltc and EOS have same format, but Ripple not. It depends on coin.
  13. Bet: 32,355,611,822 placed by hubinator on 27/06/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00010000 Sorry. I forgot that I switched preferences to anonymous.
  14. If somebody generate address from this priv key and will see that there were no transactions from/to this address, he would be suspicious. I would be Checking this combination like +1 character value it's pretty easy with any script, so it should involve more than 1 character and shift more than 1 plus/minus.
  15. bet: 32,355,611,822 49.50