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  1. You will lose money only when sell btc for less than You bought it. So if the bitcoin will drop to 3k$, don't sell it. I really doubt it will drop to this level, but bitcoin market is open and not regulated, so if some whales try to sell in the same time, it could happen. In my opinion bitcoin will be raising all the time for the next year.
  2. Can I get answer for those two questions, or it's secret tech solution ?
  3. I was using dicebot (great soft Seuntjie) for some time. The only problem was compilation from sources on Linux, so I decided to write my own bot. For now it's pretty simple script in python, but is doing job well. The predefined strategies with almost all variables needed to match to your needs are really cool. Missing thing is the chat. To talk on chat and get some rains, You need to be logged on website. Automatic betting is running using dicebot (my own bot in my case). Would be great if Seuntjie would implement chat functionality into dicebot.
  4. Definitely Marvel. If You have doubts, ask Wolverine or Hulk
  5. Woman are to thoughtful and prudent to risk money by gambling. That way there are so little on casinos (comparing to man).
  6. Can we know how AI is used? Does PD ever tries to find server seed for next user bet, so it will "red" ,if user will not change client seed?
  7. I'm using Suunto 3 Fitness. I'm using it mostly for getting current time (obvious) and for running. This smartwatch has one disadvantage: it doens't have gps. Because of this it's no so accurate, but it had 2'nd place in some smartwatch ranking in tracking section, so it's really good, even without internal gps. If You pare with smartphone You can get map of your run, distance, speed, etc. Od course it counts steps, burned calories, sleep quality and other things. I'm running with my smartphone to listen audiobooks. Sometimes I'm listening music, especially when I'm tired and refusing to run another kilometer; Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger and I have +150% power boost for 4 min Depends on what You want. This is not professional smartwatch for runners, but it really cheap compering to this kind of top smartwatches. I would recommend it for smartwatch without internal gps (with gps it's another price level). You can check it there: https://www.suunto.com/en-us/suunto-collections/suunto-3-fitness/
  8. Keep your bitcoins in your wallet, to which you have private keys, like PC or laptop. Best thing to do is to deposit to casino (i.e. PD), gamble, win and deposit back to you own bitcoin client. There were plenty of situations that exchange or casino was hacked from outside (or by insider ) and people lost a lot of money. Don't be that person, learn from mistakes that other people did. If you really want to store btc on PD, I would deposit minimum, not all of your coins. Even if PD team is honest and have a great dev skills (which personally I believe), there could be person that would do nasty things and PD couldn't do anything about this. EDITED: Hui posted before I finished writing which was interrupted by my kids, so I wanted to add, that Hui wrote exactly same thing. "Be your own bank",
  9. Bet: 31,992,178,169 placed by hubinator on 12/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 49.50x Profit 0.00004850 Bet: 31,992,178,030 placed by hubinator on 12/06/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 49.50x Profit 0.00004850
  10. The most secure way of storing bitcoins is to use hardware wallets. Buy ledger nano S (or X), store bitcoins on it, put ledger in the bank. Personally I would use 2 ladgers and put one in the bank and second burred in the garden. Even if thief will steal ledger, guessing PIN and passphrase is almost not possible with this device. Of course 24-word recovery phrase need to be destroyed. We only relay on passwords in our head, even they would have 30 characters. Second option is to use paper wallet. Generate the wallet offline and send bitcoins to that wallet. Then You have to store this peace of paper somewhere safe, away from fire and people eyes (2m underground in hermetic container). The rest of the methods is not so safe. If something is connected to internet it's potentially threatened by remote access. What do You think, how much time hacker ( I meant hacker, no script-kiddies) would need to access your computer, install keylogger and wait for You to enter the password for wallet (or anything else)? Correlation between your IP and transaction is hard, but for determined person it's possible. One guy said: If somebody is interested in how much bitcoin network is anonymous, read this (starting form page 24): Another information about storing the bitcoins in on the wiki (https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Storing_bitcoins).
  11. Thanks a lot for the answer. I also agree, that if You don't have resources (enough btc) to fight with whales, You will just lose all your coins trying to catch them in race.
  12. Agree. Usually casino wins in this case. I have some questions about races: 1. How often is the race per week? 2. What does normalized wagered mean? 3. What is the best strategy to get best wager in 1h and have a small chance to be busted?
  13. The king is only one - Bitcoin. There are plenty of coins that offer some solutions to bitcoin downsides and hundreds of shitcoins that only want's to steal money from investors. Year ago I would say to look for the projects that has a great team behind it. Experienced developers could bring really innovative product on the market and still some BTC dominance. Today dev team is not so important as MARKETING. Shity projects with good marketing are making money for investors. Sad but true. Good marketing will attract investors, this will increase price, growing price will attract other people to the project. If You invest in the begging You could make easy 500%. From my perspective I would wait until BTC will achieve something like 50k dollars and then invest into some alt coin. Why 50k You could ask. Let refresh this topic in June 2020